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April 25, 2022
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Due to the fact that the president of uzbekistan signed a decree on the development of football, the legalization of bookmakers in the territory of the state is also expected. Boris gubkin, editorial head «rb-business», gave his comments on this.

Legalization of Bookmakers and Their Benefit for Sports of Uzbekistan - Expert Opinion

According to information «fergana», this decree has such promising projects as the consolidation of a school of professional-level clubs, launching a judge video complex system (video assistant referee), providing opportunities for the sale of state clubs to private investors. Also, together with this, the introduction of actually bookmakers in the legal field from the beginning of 2021. About gambling business in general does not say anything.

Boris gubkin said that help from bookmakers in most cases can only be in sponsorship contributions. Also, the expert expressed doubts about how today the authorities of uzbekistan understand the characteristics of the regulation of this sphere.

Most likely, at the very beginning, their own bookmakers will be organized on the territory of the republic, for example, such as «uzbet». After that, the pereiod of cooperation will begin at a purely advertising key with specific sports organizations. This will lead to an increase in the number of bookmakers in the local market, together with which the proportion of sponsorship agreements with individual athletes and organizations will increase. At first, sponsorship will not be too large due to small in the understanding of market size bookmakers. However, when the first contracts are compleed, it about six months or a year, the volume of sponsorship agreements will become larger. The largest transactions will be possible in the period when bookmakers from other countries come to the market, and the requirements for activities will not be tough. It will be done in about five years. The main criterion for the entry of foreign companies is a small degree of risk in the market.

Our Own Bookmakers Will Be Organized

Also, according to boris gubkin, the legalization of bookmakers is an excellent opportunity for business to get out of the shadows, freely order advertising, pay legitimate taxes and lead gambling affair according to official requirements. The feature of bookmakers is that they are interested in any new market. However, together will be also taken into account.

Most likely, uzbekistan will introduce a system identical to the one that the russian authorities use. As for taxes, bookmakers, as a rule, pay vat in the amount of 20%, and the client pays ndfl 13% for its part. Also, bookmakers direct 5% of revenue from the rates of each federation by the sports, the rates on which they are accepted. Also, the federation spends 80% of this amount for professional activities and 20% – onre of children’s sports.

Nothing is said about the advertising of the bookmaker’s office. In case of removing any prohibitions of the company will make large orders. Boris gubkin also believees that when taking into account an unstable economy, the work of bookmakers will help in the development of sports, as it is also the only financial locomotive of its lifting. Pressure on the state budget due to this will decrease.

Upon expiration of the first contracts, the price will rise. The reason for this will be the exit of a larger number of bookmakers on the developing market, which, in turn, will be interested in conducting sponsorship campaigns. With an increase in the number of proposals, the cost and sponsorship operations will increase. Thanks to the help of the state, the bookmakers of uzbekistan will achieve big results in this area.

Upon Expiration of The First Contracts, The Price Will Rise

The state, in turn, should not twist the nuts and regularly revise the tax system, says gubkin. Large companies will not critically refer to a solution to a slight increase in tax collection. This will eliminate one-day bookmakers. At the same time, foreign bcs are obliged to regularly pay taxes, create their own representative offices in uzbekistan and work under license. Sports organizations can also be siged bokmakers who do not have any restictions, since in this case the significant proportition of players will go to the bookmaker, which will not pay taxes to the republic. Customers can return to illegal online bookmakers, if uzbekistan does not take care of bureaucracy issues. The way to attract customers to local bookmakers will be the introduction of profitable coefficients, prizes and t. P.

Boris gubkin does not deny that bc can buy football clubs, but expressed doubts about the interest of companies in this. Also, in his opinion, it is standing in the test version to build rates, since there are such clients who love to bet and follow the event together with like-minded people. There is also a definition «bookmaker pub», which also applies to marketing go, and advertising.

Recall, recently in uzbekistan, a document was published, which indicates measures for the development of football and activities of bookmakers.

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