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April 22, 2022
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Despite all the diversity of legalization bills, in any of the documents, the process of licensing gembling equipment was properly not registered, which would meet international standards of industry. According to the political scientist kirill molchanova, this item will dissolve the meaning of legalization in principle.

Legalization of Casino in Ukraine Without Compliance With International Standards -'PSHICS'

Mentioning the process of obtaining permits for gambling equipment is contained in the draft law no. 2285-2. Expert opinion was expressed on the personal page of the political browser on facebook.

According to the specialist, so ukraine risks again to get reform without reform. Instead of the market in which the state needs, – transparent and controlled by the authorities, the next gambling chaos will break. The political analyst also emphasizes that it is quite signicant that the author of alternative bills ignored the problem of licensing gambling equipment.

Cyril molchanov also noted that the licensing standardized by the international model would avoid speculation from gambling operators and protect consumers’ rights. All this thanks to the fact that the organizers of gambling are deprivence the equipment and reconfigure it.

Political Analyst Notes That Such A Scheme Is Not New

Political analyst notes that such a scheme – not nova, she was thought out before the introduction of gambling prohibition. The essence is that after opening of a new gambling establishment, the organizer sets up the devices so that theoretic percentage of the return was higher than the usual level. Thus, winnings happen more often – standing customers appear at the institution. The equipment mechanisms, according to molchanova, are again corrected. The lack of licensing kills the hint of honesty in the work halls.

Indition, if the licensing process is not registered, then to ukraine will begin to import the gambling technique of an old sample, which many will facilitate such manipulations.

The expert also notes that in a government document, in addition to confusion with gambling equipment, there are other stratia. For example, the lack of a competitive principle in the formation of the composition of the gambling regulator.

An important point, according to molchanova, will also be the implementation of direct inspections of gambling points. Ukrainians are important to understand who will be controlling «in places».

Particular attention, according to the political scientist, it is necessary to pay online segment. In particular, blocking a set of illegal gambling operators.

Recall that the eu counselor philip flemmin speakers criticized the legalization of gambling.

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