Legalization Of Online Gambling In Buenos Aires: First Results

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January 10, 2022
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The legislature of the autonomomous city of buenos aires legalized gambling online games. The local government experts to get about 500 million pesos in the framework of the new initiative. 34 people voted for the bill and 22 – against.

Legalization of Online Gambling In Buenos Aires: First Results

According to the executive representatives, about 1000 gambling sites illegally offered their services to those who live in the city of buenos aires, which made the introduction of regulation necessary to protect rights including minor users, as well as preventing money laundering.

The vote was accompanied by an agreement signed between the leadership of orasio rodriguez larrets in the city and maria evgenia vidal in the prosince of buenos aires to coordinate actions related to the regulation of online games between both jurisdictions. There were strict measures against rates, including athletes, coaches or other direct participants of the event or sports accepted, as well as managers? Participating sports leagues or matches organizers.

The new law also classifies various types of gambling on the internet and allows you to make interactive sports betting and offering online casino services.

Criticism of the bill

However, the law met tough criticism from the opposition. Mp iez hubelated that new rules would harm citizens, while paula penatska called a new law «gnus», which will inevitably lead to development in ludoanian society.

In any case, serious changes in the gambling industry were inevitable.

Earlier this month, the legislative assembly of the province of buenos aires approved legislation allowing online games. The initiative was included in the budget plan of 2019 and the law on taxes submitted by the governor vidal.

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