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April 26, 2022
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Discussion around the legalization of gambling in ukraine continues. Your opinion on this issue in an interview «zn.Ua» announced georgy plisko, president «m.From.L.».

Legalization without creating control mechanisms is ineffective

Despite the principal position of vladimir zelensky in relation to legalization, unity in the vision of this process in parliamentarians, in particular the authors of alternative bills, is not observed.

At the same time, the company is negatively configured to the idea of ​​legalization. This is due to the dominance of illegal halls of slot machines that mimicated under lottery objects.

Georgy glaznko notes that the position of society is understandable to him. In addition, the expert emphasizes that until the state starts to regulate the income from games, the sphere will remain in the hands of crime and corruption. False also adds that the problem can be solved if the state enters the strict control of the industry and introduces reasonable restriction methods.

Despite the fact that the draft laws provide for the system of state monitoring, according to the expert, do not forget about the internal systems of operators – calibration of funds and definition of winners. The latter must be transparent for the state, without this element, government oversight mechanisms will be ineffective. The harmonious market development is possible only when both systems are working.

Do not forget about the internal systems of operators - fundraising and determination of the winner

Official position «m.From.L.» in relation to a government bill published on the company’s website, expresses a rather critical position. According to the head of the lottery operator, the gambling business should not only be legalized, but also ordered. At the same time, under the legalization, the falsehood means the creation of gambling centers following the example of macao, scaled to the entire territory of the state, and ordering implies the finding of a reasonable balance, which will allow citizens to satisfy the need for excitement when minimizing the risks of the development of gambling addiction.

According to plisko, all bills submitted to the verkhovna rada, – clones of the lobbyist document promoting the interests of the operators of the shadow segment.

At the same time, the president «m.From.L.» notes that independent it specialists and psychologists do not participate in the discussion about legalization in ukraine. And operators who want to become part of the ukrainian market promise to connect to the monitoring system, but the question is when it will be launched, not regulated.

Recall that critics of draft laws on the legalization of gambling in ukraine agree that the documents are not able to control the lottery market.

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