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August 9, 2022
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Already on friday, september 24, the largest tennis tournament begins in american boston – cup leiver. Competitions are held since 2017, combining the strongest tennis players in the world. The sporting event was created in the the golf ride cup and are named after the great australian tennis player. The team tournament will give the opportunity to determine where the tennis play more professionally – in europe or in the rest of the world. Whats are the forecasts, kiefs of bookmakers on the winners of the cup leiraiver. Actual sport news here.

Leiver Cup 2021: Schedule, Compositions, Predictions of Bookmakers
Content: 1. Format of the cup leiraiver 20211.One. Commanding teams on the cup leiraiver 20211.2. Leiraiver cup 2021: schedule1.3. For whom to bet in the cup leiraiver 2021: predictions of bookmakers

"1 schedule"

Format of the cup leiraiver 2021

From september 24 to september 26, 2021, the next tennis leeiver cup will be held, which passes between two teams – european national team and national team. In the first group – participants from europe and the second – all other players. As accepted, six athletes participate in each team. Victory goes to the team, assembled the maximum number of points that are accrued as followows.

Each game day passes four matches (all of them 12). The victory on the first day of the competition adds a team of 1 point, in the second – 2, and in the third – 3. From 12 matches nine pass in a single discharge and three – in parallers. One tennis player should take part in at least one of the single matches. In three paired games should be the minimum four of the six athletes in the team. Match spend up to two victories. If the third party is assigned, held in the thai break format, then up to 10 points play. Tournament will hold up to 13 scored scores.

Competitions passed three times – in 2017, 2018 and 2019. In 2020 they were canceled due to pandemic. Interestingly, while all three confrontations in the history of the leiver cup have passed in favor of europe with a total of 41:28. Bookmakers expect the next triumph of european tennis on the corts of boston td garden.

Complete teams on the cup leiraiver 2021

In both teams in the leaver cup will play six tennis players and one spare player. Such athletes will perform for europe: daniel medvedev, stefanos cycipas, alexander zverev, andrei rublev, matteo berrettini and casper ruud (and feliciano lopez). For the rest of the world will be played: felix ajel allasim, denis shapovalov, diego schwarzman, rieli owel, john zhener and nick kiros (and jack juice).

Complete Teams On The Cup Leiraiver 2021

Captains remain the same as in the past tournament: swede biorn borg and american john makinra. Roger federer will not participate in the coming compettion. In addition to him, two more record positives on award-winning helmet will not arrive in boston. Spaniard rafael nadal refused to play back in august of this year djokovic complained about too tight tendule after us olen and 2020 olympic games in tokyo and also starred from the tournament. Former of the us open championship dominic tim originally wanted to get to the leiver cup, but in august 2021 he announced that he woun not anrive because he had the treatment of wrist after injury.

Leiraiver cup 2021: schedule

September 24, friday (time of all matches – moscow)

  • First day. Morning session. Two single matches. Beginning at 20:00

September 25, saturday

  • First day. Evening session. Single match. Paired match. Beginning at 2:00
  • Second day. Morning session. Two single matches. Beginning at 20:00

September 26, sunday

  • Second day. Evening session. Single match. Paired match. Beginning at 2:00
  • Third day. Three solitary matches and one paired match. Beginning at 19:00

For whom to bet in the cup leiraiver 2021: predictions of bookmakers

Bookmakers are predicted that the european team will once again take the trophy. The following presented quotes of leading bookmakers in russia for the results of the leiver cup 2021:

For Whom to Bet in the Leater Cup 2021




«1 schedule»












Lines for individual matches will appear at the bookmakers immediately after the draw and the distribution of tennis players for individual couples and games. Most likely that in russia for the first 16 years champion tbs daniel medvedev and his partner in the national team of andrei rublev. Russian athletes apparently will hold the first games on september 24.

We remind you, in accordance with the federal law of 29.12.2006 no. 244-fz, bookmakers have the event on which the outcome of the bet depends and which may come or not to come exclusive during the following events: official sports competitions; sports competitions organized by all-russian sports federations and professional sports leagues; sports competitions organized by international sports organizations; sports competitions that are organized by foreign sports federations, confederations, leagues or tips, included in the national single calendar plan for the appropriate sport and the results of which are recorded on the official sites of the organizers of such competitions on the internet.

Recall that the latest bookmakers are discussed today.

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