Lennox Lewis Called Joshua To Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

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January 11, 2022
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Absolute heavyweight champion lennox lewis rigidly criticized his compatriot and champion in ibf, wbo and wba anthony joshua.

Lennox Lewis Called Joshua to Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

British ex-boxer lennox lewis graduated from his career in 2003 after the victory over ukrainian vitaly klitschko. He still remains the last absolute world heavyweight champion. Despite the fact that the athlete is alady 15 years old as a pension, he continues to actively monitor modern boxing and comment on the current state of affairs. This time, under the wave of criticism, his compatriot and owner of three of the four main belts in havuvete anthony joshua.

Lewis believee that aidgey deliberately shies away from the fight wilder or with tyson fury wbc.

«He does not want to beat with anyone from these guys. When he won their duel, he thougoht: «wow, these guys really know how to boo»!».

Earlier, lewis has already accused joshua in sabotage fight against wilder. Instead, the 2012 olympic champion chose a battle with a russian applicant to the belte alexander povetkin, and wilder struggled with tyson fury.

Now the joshua team in all interviews convinces the public in the opposite. Eddie herr, promoter british, claims that this wilder is guilty of a breakdown of negotiations, which occurred in the summer. According to herna, his ward still wants a fight with an american, but he is more interested in revenge with fury.

Similar thoughts in the last interview expressed the british champion himself, saying that his main desire – become an absolute world heavyweight champion, and for this he needs to win «bronze bomber».

Lennox believes that fight-revenge – this is the right decision, and joshua can wait with its sharply resumed activity:

«I believe that the match-revenge between them should take place (talking about wildere and fury, – approximate. The author), joshua can wait. I do not think he will come here (in the usa) right now. I think he is too happy when he is defended in england, and he boxes in front of a british crowd».

[email protected] isn’t sold tat antony joshua’s next fight will be in the u.S.

>> full interview: https: // t.Co / sbdktvs0rb pic.Twitter.Com / sp9ipojnsf

— compubox (@compubox)
december 21, 2018.

The fact that anthony is not going to go to the usa confirms the boxer himself. In his interview, where he agitates wilder to take a fight, he calls concrete date and place – april 2019 at the stadium «wemble», which team of the british reserved back in september after the fight with povetkin.

Experts believe that the winner of dillian white will be a more likely enemy for agea – derek numbers.

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