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March 7, 2022
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Levo Chan Changed Melinda Chan As Director General Of Macau Legend Development

Levo chan wires lin officially changed melinda chan mai yi as director general macau legend development. The company made a statement on submission of documents to the hong kong stock exchange on december 29, 2020. Melinda held the post of general director of the company from march 2020, replacing david chow.

Macau legend stated:

"After the change of the chief executive officer of the company, mr. Chan will take care of the daily business management of the group and implement policies, strategic plans and business objectives of the group formulated by the board of directors ".

Melinda chan will remain the executive director, and levo chan will also take the posts of the executive director and co-chairman of the game company’s board.

Levo chan is also the executive director of the junket group tak chun and will now share management authority with the founder david chow kam fi.

His personal share in macau legend development increased from 20.75% to 33.19% in november 2020. However, the businessman agreed not to acquire shares belonging to the key leaders of the company, including david chow, the wife of chow, melinda chang, kolleg directors sheldon trerener and lee chi keung, as well as the mother and former director of chow, madame lam fong ng.

A group of shareholders, led by levo chan, is currently holding 79.88% macau legend development, and david chow and melinda chan owns 26.23%, and also play the dutires of the deliberative body.

Source: focus asia pacific edition

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