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April 26, 2022
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The minister of internal affairs of the german earth, hesse, stated that no operator filed a request for a license allowing to become part of the regulated market. Politician also added that sanctions against gambling operators working without certification will be immediately.

Licensing in German Hesse: zero activity of operators

According to the minister peter beuta, the operators had to terminate the provision of services to german citizens until a special permission will receive. Applications for licensing are processed by the regional council of darmstadt – controlling department.

Operators have time until the end of the year to submit applications for licensing.

Politician also added that since january 2020, all state bookmakers should have a license, otherwise, the loyalty of incredited operators may not count. Advertising rates on sports competition will also be limited. This applies to both the television channel of communication and outdoor ads placed in stadiums.

As part of the preparation for the licensing process, which will begin on january 2, the darmstadt regional council expanded the number of personnel. By the end of the year, the control body will be the largest regulator of gambling in the country.

The new legislative regulatory model containing an online segment work permit was supported by the german sport rating association (dswv) and deutsche automatenwirtschaft (daw).


Research center for gambling (forschungsstelle glücksspiel) made a proposal for the restriction of online casino and the introduction of a ban on advertising.

At the same time, the problems associated with gambling, from the moment of ratifying the state contract, was not considered any of the regular conferences.

Beat had previous defended the itea of developing its own legislation of the earth. Politician also adds that if, when drawing up the final agreement, hesse will not be taken into account, the staff will be forced to go its own way and develop local market rules.

Local authorities have already moved away from the canons of the state treaty, forbidden to place pps bookmakers in restaurants. In their opinion, the measure can protect the inhabitants from gambling addiction.

Money reversed as a a tax revenue from gambling business will be redirected to volunteering financing.

Recall that in germany the number of gambling institutions is reduced.

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