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March 21, 2022
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Casino License is permission to implement gambling activities. In the case of terrestrial institutions, such a document issues the operator by the Ministry of Finance, the tax office or specially created to monitor the organization of gambling the state body of the country where the casino is located. In the case of an online casino, everything is a bit more complicated, because the Internet erases the boundaries between countries. But more than 20 years of existence of online gambling in this area, clear rules have been formed.

Why need a license

Licensing of certain types of activities is carried out by the state to designate uniform rules on the market for companies and resolve their relationship with customers.Usually licenses are issued for business activities related to increased risks for consumers of goods or services. Most often it is a risk of financial nature. Such is the organization of gambling. In this case, the official authorities act as a guarantee that the entrepreneur will clearly follow the current laws. Otherwise, he will be denied the right to work in the specified area.

Having licensed, the operator online casino actually indicates the legitimacy of its work on the Internet.

The list of countries in which this permit is valid is determined by the jurisdiction of the body issued the document, and the peculiarities of national legislation on online gambling. Usually, one license allows you to work immediately in several markets, otherwise the operator would need to obtain permits for carrying out activities in each country separately.

Having a license demonstrates the player a serious operator approach to his business. In most cases, licensed casinos are characterized by honest payments and stable operation in the market. On such client rights sites protects the licensor. If a player has claims to work as a casino, he can refer to the regulator who has the right to make a decision, mandatory for execution by all parties to conflict.

Popular casino gambling regulators

Who issues licenses

The most common online casino licenses include permissions issued by Curaçao regulators (Netherlands Antilles), Malta and Great Britain. The best casinos are often not limited to obtaining one license, which allows them to count on the widest possible audience coverage.

Requirements of licensors from different countries to operators are quite highly different, which also affects the image component of the casino. Thus, an experienced gembrel will give preference to a site acting on the basis of the permission of the UK Gambling Commission, rather than a casino with license Curacao.

Online Casino has the right to independently choose the jurisdiction of the regulator of the gambling business. However, to operate in the territory of the countries in which the gambling business is prohibited, they are not entitled. Players need to pre-explore all documents, take into account the reputation of the licensor, the requirements for sites with gambling and the principles of dispute resolution.

Many casinos prefer an economical option – buy the cheapest license with a minimum tax rate. But such regulators do not care about the safety of customers and make the minimum requirements to the owners of the Internet casino. Also in the course of sub01nation, when the right to business is issued not by the state body, and indirectly through companies owned by master licenses. In this case, a weakened supervision of the actions of operators is carried out.

For example, the Curaçao Ministry of Justice issued a master license to several companies that are now rendered by the right to create online casino operators from other countries. At the same time, the Ministry of Justice does not deal with the problems of players and do not monitor controversial situations, and this is formally engaged in companies with master licenses. In fact, they often close their eyes to violations by operators, which depreciates Curaçao’s license even on the websites of an honest online casino.

This does not mean that the entire Curacao license is engaged in fraud, but in fact, independent audit checks are conducted extremely rarely, and the integrity of the business remains only on the conscience of the owners. Gambling Commissions Malta and Great Britain are much more serious about the supervision of the work of online casino operators.


The most popular jurisdiction with casino owners for permission and low tax rates. Permission is issued immediately to all types of gambling (lotteries, sports betting, slot machines, etc.D.).

Benefits for operators and disadvantages for players can be attributed to the availability of this license.

Permits are executed quickly, minimal requirements are presented to the courts. Players are difficult to get protection from the regulator. Moreover, some operators, hiding behind this resolution, use non-original software on their sites.

The annual costs of the operator do not exceed 10,000 dollars at the initial stage and $ 5,000 when the license is extended.

Example license Curacao


The permission of the Maltese regulator indicates a serious approach of the operator to the organization of gambling. The Commission has an impressive list of online casino requirements and issues a license only after an independent site audit. Advantages of jurisdiction:

  • impeccable reputation;
  • applies to EU countries;
  • clear monitoring of fraudulent actions and money laundering;
  • Protection of the operator and players.

Disadvantages for the operator – high tax rate, complexity in obtaining, compulsory opening office in the country and providing monthly financial statements.

The cost of permission depends on the type and ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 dollars. Together with the intermediate costs for submitting an application, opening an account and other payment actions The sum of the initial investments increases to 20,000 – 35,000 dollars.

Great Britain

The United Kingdom has strict legislation towards gembling and presents high requirements for sites with gambling.

The presence of a license of this jurisdiction causes increased confidence in the players, since together with the permissive document on the site will necessarily present the results of inspections of all gambling. At the same time, the action of certificates will be applied to each game, which guarantees the protection of the interests of clients of the online casino.

When issuing a casino permit will necessarily be checked for compliance with the following rules:

  • Responsible game – the operator is obliged to restrict access to minors of citizens and people experiencing addiction;
  • The game should be honest and transparent – each bet is checked, any claims of players are comprehensively considered;
  • Activities should not be the source of financing illegal actions in any of their manifestations.

Each online casino is regularly verified by the commission on gambling, and in the case of the slightest violations to operators, sanctions apply. These may be warnings or penalties, the size of which reaches several hundred thousand pounds sterling. In case of identifying several serious violations, the license may be withdrawn on time or for all. Here online casinos can not be placed non-original software, and playing the most secure on these sites.

Development of online gambling moves towards the legalization of online casino in most countries of the world. This will lead to the emergence of national regulators and licenses. In this case, the legitimacy of the attraction of an audience from a particular country to the casino website will depend on the availability of permission from the Operator from the Commission on Games of the relevant state.

Non-standard foundation
Isle Of Man Gambling Supervision Commission Isle Of Man 1962
Curacao Curacao E-Gaming Licensing Authority 1996
Canada Kahnawake Gaming Commission 1996
Malta Malta Gaming Authority 2001
Great Britain UK Gambling Comission 2007

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