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March 15, 2022
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Las vegas is not the only place for gambling. Malaysia at an altitude of 1,800 meters is the resort of genthing highlands. The uncharted top began to be popular thanks to lim go tonga – the richest entrepreneur in this country. It was his efforts that the first casino resort was erected here on top of the mountain. Having enlisted with the support of famous politicians and despite the squall of criticism in his address, he managed to implement the main project of all his life and turn malaysia into a large global center of gambling.

Name thong
date of birth february 28, 1918
place of birth ansi, fujian, china
date of death october 23, 2007
a place of death subang jay, selhangor, malaysia


Limo tong was born in a large family – he had 4 sisters and 2 brothers. Most of the childhood passed in a small village. Because of the revolution of 1911, the chinese revealed with the consequences of the uprisings, but life in ansi was considered relatively safe.

Lim without problems attened a local school, until 16 years old did not lose his father. Together with her older brother, he had to forget about studying and start working. The situation in china gradually worsned, so in early february 1937 the future entrepreneur left his homeland and went to make earnings in malaysia.

The first 2 years he worked for uncle as a carpenter. During this time, a local language managed to learn. Later it was raised to the subcontractor and entrusted the construction of the school. Lim was able to return to annecy in 1940, but he had to leave the country again because of the war.

Life during the war

In 1942, the occupation of malaysia by japanese troops began. According to rumors, during this period, limo tong survived clinical death. The young entrepreneur was hard to stay afloat – he sold vegetables, but later switched to other goods.

By the end of the war, lim took up sales of scrap metal and various equipment. When the occupation is over, the demand for heavy technicians has increased. He took advantage of the market situation to earn the first fortune.

Cast iron mining company owed a tongue a considerable amount for 2 bulldozer. To settle a loan, he was offered a partnership. Later, the company began to make a considerable profit.

The range of heavy equipment in lima’s company gradually increased. It opened the doors for doing business in adjacent areas. He founded the construction company kien huat private limited, who had a high limit of confidence. Lim was responsible for the construction of the dam ayer itam and the kemubu irrigation systems.

Chief investment project

The idea to build a resort on top of the mountain came tonga in 1963 during a business trip to cameron highlands. The locality struck the entrepreneur by beauty, but it turned out to be too far from kuala lumpur. Then he began to look for a more suitable place for the resort.

"I fell in love with the ears in this virgin wilderness and swore to turn her into the resort of my dreams," lim go tong about genthing highlands

Returning from the trip, lim began to study cards. Near the capital of malaysia, he found the mountain ulu kali – she was 58 km from kuala lumpur. To assess the location of lim sent an expedition. Specialists have collected detailed data on parameters important in construction.

Lym tong created a company genting highlands berhad on april 27, 1965.

Entrepreneur picked up the policy of mohamad na omar. It facilitated the receipt of licenses, the new company allocated total 6,000 hectares.

In malaysia, many began to criticize lym tonga. The top of the mountain was represented by the desert for them, in which millions of dollars did not follow.

All or nothing

The construction of the resort turned out to be the most large-scale task in limo tonga. To implement the project, he needed to build from scratch:

  • Convenient entrance to the mountain.
  • Water supply and electricity system.
  • Fire safety.
  • Sewage.

Skeptics said that the construction of the road will take up to to to 15 years, but the company lim tonga coped for 3 years. Then the found several mining sources, two stations for collecting and purifying water were built.

During the construction of the resort, lim worked 7 days a week and brought the body to exhaution. He had to oversee another project – the system of irrigation in kemubu. He did not regret any time nor money. On construction gotting highlands left all capital. The entrepreneur had to sell her own estate of 810 hectares for $ 7.5 million. He tried to attract familiar investors, but they still did not believe in the subject of the resort.

In 1971, the construction of the first highlands hotel was completed – now he is called theme park.

The resort began to gradually expand. For convenient movement, two cable road systems were built. By 2017, six more hotels operated at the resort.

genting grand 1981
awana 1984
resort hotel 1992
highlands hotel 1997
first world hotel 2001
crockfords 2017

gotting highlands is considered the most successful resort with a casino in our time

Hotel genting grand has become the only legal land casino in the country. Later gambling appeared in skyavenue mall. The rates have become the main source of income, but limo tong wanted to create a full-fledged complex for the whole family. Gradually, other entertainment began to appear in the gotting highlands:

  • Shopping centers.
  • Thematic parks.
  • Concert halls.
  • Cinemas.
  • Amusement park.


Limo tong was awarded several awards:

  • "Malaysian entrepreneur" – 1985.
  • "Best employer" – 1996.
  • "Manager of the year" – 1986.
  • "Best business worker of the year" – 1994.
  • First in the ranking of successful companies malaysia – 1999.

In 1978, businessman founded the yayasan lim charitable foundation. The organization regularly identifies funds for education and medicine.

Monument to lim go tong

Limo tong died at the age of 89 october 23, 2007. Many asian businessmen and politicians expressed condolences to the family of entrepreneur.

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