Lineker Accused Of Celebrarating The Goals Of Messi, But His Emotions Are Logical

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February 17, 2022
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Harry lineker was criticized for the rapid celebration of the goal of lionel messi to the gate of english «liverpool». But fans, apparently, forgotten some facts of the biraphy of one of the best roglish forwards.

Lineker Accused of Celebrarating The Goals of Messi, But His Emotions Are Logical
Content: 1. Wild delight of lineker2. Unconciliated enemies

Photo source: news.Sportbox.Ru

Wild delight of linecker

Running among fans «liverpool» this entry caused this entry, on which two ex-players of the england – harry lineker and rio ferdinand vigorously celebrate the goal of lionel messi to the gate «red». The entry was posted on the official page of the bt sport in «twitter».


When you think you’ve seen it all but lionel messi takes the game to a new level! ????

???? Pic.Twitter.Com / unqn8e6p4y

— football on bt sport (@btsportfootball)
may 1, 2019.

According to fans, both players should not have been reacting to this goal. First, because at that moment the act as experts, and therefore had to behave more detached, and secondly, both of them played for the england team. This, according to cool their dust, because the english team endured defeat the spanish defeat.

Pic.Twitter.Com / nnsidtsmnb

— slow sports news (@slowsportsnews)
may 1, 2019.

And in the case of rio ferdinand, everything for fans seeemed clear (he does not hide his devotion in his interview «manchester united» and hate k «liverpool»), then lineker has undergone special insensitive. Although it is amazing, because football lovers know perfectly well the main stages of a career of one of the best english forwards.

About the problems that persecute «manchester united» this season, as well as their reasons, you can read in our special review.

Unconciliated enemies

Harry’s career was started in «leicester», as part of which 95 goals were notic in 194 matches. Having been in line with «fox» almost 10 years (including time in the academy), lineker is moving into «everton», which at that time won the cup winners in 1985 and was considered one of the strongest in europe.

«Irisky» – the most irreconcilable opponents «liverpool», their derby is always accompanied by the slope of passions and mutual dislike. Behind «irisok» forward attacked 30 goals for 41 game. This is the englishman and attracted attention «barcelona» to yourself, for which he played for three seasons. Therefore, it is absolutely not surprising that harry sympathizes catalans and rejoices to defeat «red».

Approximately so explained his joy from the goal messi and the ex-football player himself:

«I like a former player who loves «barcelona», i will not apologize for the dancing after the actions of the little god».

Seeem to have upset a few @lfc fans by celebrating greatness last night. Admittedly it was a bit cringe, but as a former player who loves @fcbarcelona i make no apologies for dancing to the diminutive dios. ????????

— gary lineker (@garylineker)
may 2, 2019.

Detailed view of the match «barcelona» – «liverpool» you can read in ur separate material.

However, it is worth noting that harry always criticizes «liverpool». Last year after the first match of the semifinal lch «liverpool» against «roma» ether all the same bt sport lineker praised striker «red», mohamed salaha, calling him the best player in the world at that time. So do not forget that experts – it’s still just former football players and current fans, and television – this is part of the show on which the bright emotions of invited guests are very appreciated.

Earlier we wrote about how the ex-player «manu united», zlatan ibrahimovich, again reminded of himself.

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