Lisa Tuktamysheva Exactly Gets At The Olympics: Slutskaya Delighted With A Colleague

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July 25, 2022
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While elizabeth tuktamysheva rests in the maldives, her fans are actively discussing a successful season performed by the favorite figure skater. Supporces of lisa a lot and among stars of figurines: we understand the statement of irina slutsky in our sports news.

Lisa Tuktamysheva Exactly Gets AT The Olympics: Slutskaya Delighted With a Colleague

Photo source: instagram.Com / slutskayaofficial, getty images

Figureka lisa tuktamysheva again in the spotlight: slutskaya sends it to the olympics

Russian single bed of elizabeth tuktamysheva – one of the strongest figure skaters today, despite its age. It would seem that lisa is only 24 years old, but for female figure skating, such a figure looks so unusual, because everyone is accustomed that the 17-careers of figure skaters are completed or go on a decline. But the owner of silver of the world cup 2021 lisa tuktamysheva dispelled this myth, about which an ex-figure skater irina slutskaya spoke on the eve of.

The two-time world champion admitted that he admires tuktamysheva because it uslaly infringe on and not always let go where se derves to be. Ex-figure skater emphasized than lisa performs equal with strong competitors in its 24 years.

«To date – it’s just a dinosaur already… career in 17 ends, and this if you are still lucky, but is possible to finish in 16», – explains the slutsk age realies of the russian figures.

Slutskaya believees that it is sad when the figure skaters are stamped and one after the other is completed at such a young age. They don’t know what it is – go through a bright life path in your favorite sport, because are waiting for a sunset career. But tuktamysheva broke this steatherpe and in 24 years spends on a par or even better than many famous figure skaters. The two-time world champion also admired elizabeth’s skiing, reminding that she owns the most complex elements and jumps.

Figureka Lisa Tuktamysheva

Photo source: joosep martinson – international skating union / contributor / international skating union / gettyimages.Ru

Last season, she managed not only to win the silver of the world cup, but also to win the first stage of the team lisa tuktamyshev became the captain and led the russian national team to the first in history. Gold.

Special attention irina slutskaya focused on the olympic season, which will begin after a few months. Tuktamysheva itself does not hide that she would like to finally get to the olympic games and win the missing medal for his collection. However, according to slutskaya, the upcoming season will be archent for the famous figure skater. The ex-athlete also notic noted that tuktamysheva deserves to get on oi as no other and its strength and skills can only be envied.

«I really want lisa to catch on the place at the olympic games», – said irina slutskaya.

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