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January 11, 2022
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On saturday, the central match of the 20th round of the english premier league 2018/2019 is held between «liverpool» and «arsenal».

Content: 1. Match «liverpool» – «arsenal» command decept 292. Almost perfect «liverpool» cloppa3. Injuries «arsenal» outiglia and emery4. Forecast bookmakers on the match «liverpool» – «arsenal» in apple4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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Match «liverpool» – «arsenal» command december 29

Central tour duel between «liverpool» and «arsenal» will be held on saturday, december 29, at the stadium «enfield». For teams, according to expert counts, it will be the 218th meeting in all tournaments with each other. In this confrontation clubs go almost in. On the account «red» – 80 wins, «kanonirov» – 77, another 60 games ended in a draw. Last time «pushkari» foke «mersisadets» on their field back in the distance 2012.

See match «liverpool» – «arsenal» you can on the tv channel «match! Football 1». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 20:30 moscow time.

Almost perfect «liverpool» cloppa

On the thrd year of management «red» jürgen klopp built a practically perfect team. «Liverpool» i have never lost in the domestic championship, and in general, almost does not miss the submarine – total 7 goals in 18 games. At the same time, about the favorite attacion «red» do not forget. On the number of goals scored «mercisaydz» (39 goals) are inferior only «arsenalu» (40) and «man city» (fifty).

With the arrival in the team of alison becker, virgila wang dequean and kate klopp was able to close the most problematic positions and make his club almost «ideal». Almost because «napoli», psg i «czlna star» in the champions league, they proved that «liverpool» there are weaknesses and the german mentor to pay attention to them.

Kloppa’s honor shold be said that he has already started looking for a decision. This season, his fc is no longer so desperate, tactically more flexible and confident. What also remains unchanged – qualitative speeches on the native «enfield».

Injuries «arsenal» outiglia and emer

22 years old the post of head coach of the london club was held by arsen wenger. During this time, the fans are already accustomed to the special style of the game of the team from northern london, and also addicted to stable getting into the first four and trophies. However, the last years of the french specialist proved that the time of arsen in «arsenale» passed and the team needs a reboot.

And the frenchman who came to the frenchman unai emery began to implement these changes to life. After the uncertain start of the championship «canonira» held a win-win segment in 22 matches, but the spanish coach overtook the old club disease – injuries of key players. For a short time «pushkari» lost three central and one extreme defenders.

Injuries 'Arsenal' Nastigli and Emery

Photo source: regista.One

It instantly affected the results of the team, and «arsenal» lost two matches in a row. First in the head thriller giving up «southampton» 3: 2, and after going from «tottenham» in the 1/4 league cup. Despite the victory over «bernley», londoners continue to experience difficulties with the composition, which can significantly affect the upcoming fight with «red».

Forecast bookmakers on the match «liverpool» – «arsenal» in apl

Bookmakers in the upcoming match «liverpool» – «arsenal» predict the victory of the owners of the field. «Mercisaydz» still did not know the bitterness of defeat in the submarine, plus they are traditionally very strong on their territory. Besides «arsenal» weakened by injuries of the main players of the team.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Liverpool» – 1.53;
  • «Arsenal» – 5.75;
  • Draw – 4.Fifty.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Liverpool» – 1.55;
  • «Arsenal» – 5.50;
  • Draw – 4.Fifty.

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