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January 31, 2023
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On sunday, the central match of the 17th tour of the championship of england 2018/2019 will be held between «liverpool» and «manchester united». This confrontation is also called «derby northwest».

Liverpool - Manchester United (December 16, 2018): Bookmaker Forecast
Content: 1. Match «liverpool» – «manchester united» will be held december 16 on «enfield»2. Fabulous «liverpool» cloppa3. Unstable «manchester united» mourinho4. Statistics «liverpool» and «manchester united» in the last matches app5. «Liverpool» – «manchester united»: forecast of bookmakers on the match apul5.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru5.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk "league rates"

Match «liverpool» – «manchester united» will be held december 16 on «enfield»

Football match between «liverpool» and «manchester united» will be held on sunday, december 16, at the stadium «enfield». At the moment, the team under the leadership of kloppa is leading in the apl and still does not know defeats. In turn, mj takes only the sixth line in the standings and lags behind the leader for 16 points.

See match «liverpool» – «manchester united» can be on tv channels «match tv» and «match! Football 1». The beginning of the broadcast is scheduled for 18:55 moscow time.

Fabulous «liverpool» cloppa

Undoubtedly, «liverpool» – honored leader of the current apl draw. The team was less missed for 16 rounds and inferior in the number of scored heads only «manchester city» and «arsenalu». However, taking into account the fact that the main oreador «red» mohammed salah scored a good form (as evidenced by his hat-trick in the gate «bornmuta» and goal «napoli»), it is worth expecting more goals in the near future.

On sunday «liverpool» will have a meeting will your biggest enemy. The opposition of these teams is always full of voltage, mutual sporting anger and struggle to the end. On the side of the kloppa team there will be not only a common excellent form of players, but also the main weapon – home stadium. Influence «enfield» indisperably: this is at least statistics says «red» in this group stage of the lch. Absolutely all exit matches «liverpool» lost, but all home – won. No vain fans sometimes called «12th player» teams.

Goal mohammed salah in confrontation with «napoli»

Unstable «manchester united» mourinho

«Manchester» laigral «valencia» and missed the opportunity to bypass «juventus» and take first place in the quartet. But, frankly, he did not deserve it. Mj this season shakes like a plane in the turbulence zone: mourinho is constantly complaining about the poor transfers of the club or scandalite with players. For more thanfest years after leaving sir alex, ferguson, the club failed to return the old.

But easy «liverpool» deceptumber 16 will not. The reason why – above criticized mourinho. Upcoming confrontation – this is definitely a big match, and jose – master of such games. He can completely let go of the team management of the team in games with outsiders, but when it comes to fundamental clashes, – do not wait for mercy. Of course, it is unlikely «red devils» rusted in the attack from the first seconds – no, it’s not a jose style. He will most likely try to tie the players of cloppa closer at their gates and in the center of the field and hope for standards and counterattacks.

Unstable'Manchester United' Mourinho

The last meeting of the teams ended with the victory «manchester united», and before that «enfield» teams played a zero draw.

Statistics «liverpool» and «manchester united» in the last matches apl


«Manchester united»

«Bournemouth» – «liverpool» 0: 4

«Manu united» – «fulham» 4: 1

«Bernley» – «liverpool» 13

«Manu united» – «arsenal» 2: 2

«Liverpool» – «everton» 10

«Southampton» – «manu united» 2: 2

«Watford» – «liverpool» 0: 3

«Manu united» – crystal palace» 0: 0

«Liverpool» – «fulham» twenty

«Man city» – «manu united» 3: 1

«Liverpool» – «manchester united»: forecast bookmakers on the match apl

Bookmakers in the match «liverpool» – «manchester united» predict success to the owners of the field. And it is quite logical. «Red» objectively look better and still do not know the defeats in the season, but at the same time «manchester» this season has already been defeated objectively «juventus» and almost beat «chelsea».

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Liverpool» – one.57;
  • «Manchester united» – 6.0;
  • Draw – 4.0.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Liverpool» – one.55;
  • «Manchester united» – 6.0;
  • Draw – 4.05.

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