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April 14, 2022
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On sunday, within the framework of the most interesting match of the 10th round between the finalists of the last champons league will be held, «liverpool» and «tottenham».

Content: 1. «Liverpool» – «tottenham»: champions league ended, and questions remained2. «Liverpool» – «tottenham»: common statistics to find coming. Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the apl: «liverpool» – «tottenham»3.One. Bc coefficients «melbet»:

«Liverpool» – «tottenham»: champions league ended, and questions remained

Meeting «liverpool» from «tottenham» it im impossible to call the principled, as it was whath the game against «manchester united» last weekend. The reason for this is simple – «spurs» only in recent years began to present real strength in the submarine. According to statistics, «mersisadets» almost two times more victories in personal meetings: 80 versus 48, another 43 times the opponents played a draw.

Despite this, they ared interested in watching their matches, because both crpp, and were able to instill a philosophy in their teams bringing the result. As a result: these clubs became the finalists of the last league of champions, in which the victory was won «red».

«Liverpool» – «tottenham»: team statistics before full-time meeting

The wards of cloppa for nine rounds did not yet know the bitterness of the defeat, the only loss of glasses in the form of a draw from them took place in the past round during departure to the magic «old trafford», whater «liverpool» can’t win for 5 years. In the rest «red» they look very convincing. It is also worth noting the return of salah and oxlade-chamberlain. Last in the game against «genka» showed that scored a stunning form.

What can not be said about «tottenham». The london team: contradictory began the championship and now takes seventh place in the standings. Inher of her asset there are only two victories in the last five fights and for all nine tours «spurs» lossed three times. The only thing that can enhance the wards peretnino and their fans – victory in the champions league «tsrug star» with a score of 5: 0. In this game «lily and white» again were similar to the sample of last season.

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Forecast of experts bk «melbet» on the apl: «liverpool» – «tottenham»

Experts bk «melbet» believe that the favorite of the upcoming meeting – «liverpool» under the guidance of yurgen kloppa. Firstly, «mercisaydz» play at home «enfield», where they traditionally spend strong matches and very rarely lose. Secondly, now «liverpool» optimal composition. Alysson, matype and salah returned to the team. In excellent shape, the oxleid-chamberlain, which marked the doubles in the game against «genka». From the injured only klein and shakiri.

Thirdly, «red» look more cohesive and confident in yourself «tottenham», which comes from the match to the side. So, in the last round of the apl «spurs» unable to beat the last team in the standings – «watford», playing her draw 1: 1. And fourth, klopp with players write the victory in the cembionship, which can be for the club first more than 25 years. Now their separation from «man city» makes comfortable 6 points, but any loss of points threatens with the repettion of last year’s situation when «liverpool» missed the championship by losing in the submarine just.

Bc coefficients «melbet»:

  • «Liverpool» – one.52;
  • «Tottenham» – 6,15;
  • Draw – 4,54.

Earlier we wrote about a draw «liverpool» from «manchester united».

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