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January 27, 2022
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On tuesday within the framework of the 1/8 finals of the champions league «liverpool» vick «bavaria». Response match will take place almost in a month – march 13.

Liverpool VS'Bavaria' forecast for the match 1/8 lech February 19
Content: 1. Favorite «liverpool»2. «Bavaria» give a battle2.One. So about the coach?3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «liverpool» – «bavaria»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
liverpool united kingdom
bavaria germany

bk "league rates"

In eurocups, the last time the teams met before falling «berlin wall», during the existence of the gdr and frg – in 1981, in the semifinals of the european champions cup. Both meetings ended in a draw, but thanks to the rules of the exit goal, the british were followed, who then beat madrid in the final «real». After that, the football lot diluted teams at different corners.

Favorite «liverpool»

In the upcoming duel on «enfield» the real favorite will definitely be «mercisaydz». Stadium «liverpool» truly true fortress for the british. For example, it is not necessary to go far: «red» lost all away matches in this group stage lch and won all homemade.

The leaders of the epl tournament table still have in the asset only one lost contest and the least of all missed heads. However, it is worth noting that after the defeat from «man city» the club survived a certain crisis during which he flew out of the cup, beat with great difficulty «crystal palace» and «brighton», and also finished drawing matches with «lester» and «west hamom».

But the match s «bournemouth» rent confidence in the players of cloppa. In addition, the team received whole ten days of rest in front of the first meeting in the lc «bavaria», who are not exactly unnecessary for «liverpool», promotional active and energy football.

«Bavaria» give boy

«Bavaria» in no case can not be written off with. As part «munhantsev» playing upscale players play, some of which has a serious experience in the champions league. Besides «fc hollywood» in this group stage did not lose and went out in the playoffs from the first place.

But ideal «rotenov» this season you also won’t call. Best of this indicate the results «bavartsev» in the domestic championship. «Bavaria» only in the last rounds approad coming in the fist place «borussia» and already suffered four defeats in the championship.

So about the coach?

SO What about the coach?

Photo source: tass.Ru

Against the background of uncertain results in the media, the number of rumors about the nearest future head coach is growing «bavaria» niko kovacha. In addition to this, materials are regularly emerging in the media, telling about the dissatisfaction with the players themselves which brought the new coach. It is likely that another failure will further complicate the relationship of coach and players who can start a conditional strike.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «liverpool» – «bavaria»

Bookmakers in the match «liverpool» – «bavaria» predicted with a greater probability of winning the owners of the field. Last year’s finist of the champions league this year is of course more concentrated on the apl, but in his field will make every effort to get victory.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Liverpool» – 2.0;
  • «Bavaria» – 3.Five;
  • Draw – 3.75.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Liverpool» – 2.0;
  • «Bavaria» – 3.6;
  • Draw – 3,85.

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