“Liverpool” Went Well, But Neither The Apl, Nor The Lch Won

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February 18, 2022
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And in the apl, and in the champons league «liverpool» it’s not very good. Large defeat ot «barcelona», and then also «man city» with its 13-match win-win-win series. What is the true cause of failures «mersisadets»?

Content: 1. Maybe just «manchester city» everything is tooo good?2. All hope for salah, but alas…3. There is nothing to lose – the last chance does not spoil the season

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Maybe just «manchester city» everything is tooo good?

Penultimate match of the current season «townspeople» expected won w «leather», what strengthed their first place at the end of the football year.

Read more about victory «heavenly blue» above «lismi» in our separate material.

But «liver» lags behind colleagues just one point, and they also won their 37th round match «newcastle». Moreover, the way «red» in the english premier league looks worthy – light victories «chelsea», «tottenham» and others, solid second place and the minimum backlog.

Then where are the wards of kloppa lost all the possibilities to overtake «city»? Perhaps in shale matches with fundamental rivals – «everton» and «manchester united» – or in draws with clubs, who were not so difficult to win: «west ham» and «leicester». And this is all only for the second part of the season, after the winter transfers. Well, of course, it is impossible not to mention the defeat (the only one) from the very «manchester city». In january «townspeople» managed to beat «red» with a score of 2: 1 than they proved that the best in the championship. With this scenario, the results in the table seem fairly fair.

All hope for salah, but alas…

During the aforementioned match with «newcastle» mohammed salah ran into a player of the opponent’s team and due to the injury left the field only with an extreme help. It is known that egyptian has a concussion of the brain, however, until the match of the 38th round of the apl against «volkov» he has time to recover.

Also in lazareage and another key player «liverpool» – roberto firmino, who was injured in the first match of the quarterfinals of the champions league against «barcelona». Both attackers miss the european tournament response match. Earlier it became known that i will not play in this duel and midfielder nabi kate.

It seems that jürgen kloppu will have to invent a plan that will allow to enter the final lc without key players. The remaining football players also managed to get tired – today’s match will be the third over the past six days.

There is nothing to lose – the last chance does not spoil the season

At first, you might think that «red» there is no chance at all. However, it is impossible to completely exclude a positive outcome that seems unlikely. Last match of the national championship «barca» loigled, «liver» – won. However, this fact plays against the english team: in the game with «calp» the main composition of the catalan team in its most rested and gained energy in front of the quarterfinal of the champions league. And here «mercisaydz» lost the backbone of attacks and all the forces because of the race for the championship of the apl, which loses.

Psychological aspect. «Barca» will be released on the field will be release championship, the spanish cup final and more than ever. What the british will come out? In the national cup, the flew back on the third round from the fc, with which the last match of the submarine is played.

By the way, about how athletes are experiency psychological pressure, – read here.

After the defeat of 3: 0: 0, everyone predicted the hard attacks of the owners of the response match, but what to rely on without salary and firm? It sems that the only option for «red» show something positive – this is just ahead, because there is nothing to lose.

Recall, earlier it became known about the extension of the contract «man city» with alexander zinchenko.

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