Liverpool Won The Uefa Super Cup, But No One Will Call Lampard Fizruk

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March 29, 2022
4 minutes

On wednesday, august 14, in istanbul, a match for uefa super cup between «liverpool» and «chelsea». For the first time a duel was judged by a woman, four goals were scored, and the outcome was decided in a series of penalty. More details – in material.

Liverpool won the UEFA Super Cup, but no one will call Lampard Fizruk

Lampard is not fizruk and played with «liverpool» equally

After the defeat «chelsea» from mj in the first round of the apl with a score of 0: 4 on the coach «blue», frank lampard, poured a wave of criticism, part of the fans even managed to paint his offensive word «gym teacher». But either these people did not see the game itself, or only the result concerns them, and not the quality of the game, because it was already clear that frank is very good.

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In the final, the super cup seemed quite logical that «pensioners» should have been sitting in a low block of protection and hope for a counterattack. Maybe so would make most coaches of the submarine in the final against «liverpool», but not frank lampard. As a result, the first moments appeared just «chelsea». In the 11th minute, pedro has a little bit under the ball into the distant corner, then the punch of fat passed next to a barbell, and on the 22nd minute pedro checked the crossbar for strength «mersisadets». There was even a blow to olivier fat through himself on the 24th. Something similar to a really dangerous moment «red» created only on the outcome of the half an hour: after the filing from the corner pierced mane, but kepa easily took this ball.

But pressure «chelsea» had to bring fruit. Conte masterfully held the ball by the body in the center of the field, disappears on pulisych, who remarked the girlfriend, the foray running between two defenders, the frenchman implemented his chance – 10.

Olivier giroud scored for chelsea vs liverpool. #supercup #livche #liverpoolvschelsea pic.Twitter.Com / twlej07llf

— afcvip⁴⁹ (@viparsenal)
august 14, 2019.

Then there was a beautiful goal of pulisych, but he was canceled due to an offside. According to the heads were no longer. The second half began with changes: the field left the oxleid-chamberlain, and instad came out firm. And after three minutes «liverpool» compare account. Scored mana after a brazilian discount – eleven.

Liverpool 1-1 chelsea
47 ‘mane # supercup #livche pic.Twitter.Com / rksmsip28i

— Âkif (@ maersoy61)
august 14, 2019.

Despite the abundance of moments of both sides, there was no scored on the rest of the head. From the brightest it is worth remembering save kpay after finishing van dequee. Then the time has come for additional extra time. At the beginning of the first «liverpool» footed by the efforts of the same bundle firma – mane.

⚽️ liverpool 2-1 chelsea
95 ‘mane #livche pic.Twitter.Com / cf8nkvb4n0

— foot4fun (@addictfootguy)
august 14, 2019.

But in five minutes «chelsea» earned a penalty that confidently implemented george. Therafter «red» practically died out of sight, and «blue» massedly tormented the kloppa team. But the time of the penalty came, which, according to fans, was supposed to win «chelsea» thanks to her cirera.

The most expensive goalkeeper in the world traied, but not a single sieve as a result and could not do, althought it was close. «Liverpool» started to beat first and implemented all his five attempts. The decisive blow was «chelsea», but the trusted him to beat the young taemmi abraham. A 21-year-old guy did not cope with pressure, struck in the center, and the changer of becker, adrian, dragged him.

Adrian stop abraham’s penalty.

Liverpool 1-1 chelsea. (5-4) #livche pic.Twitter.Com / xq9ohyrhhe

— h ???????? (@hugooow_pt)

august 14, 2019.

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«Liverpool» got his second trophy under the leadership of yurgen kloppa. «Chelsea» fucked adequately and cuts significantly exceeded «red». But again did not have enough luck and experience. In any case for «aristocrats» it will be interesting to observe doubly, frank proved that the are not going to be «beehive boys».

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