Lomachenko Again Becomes Boring In Boxing: What’S Next (Video)

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February 11, 2022
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Two-time champion of the olympic games in boxing – vasily lomachenko easily defended his wba and wbo belts in lightweight in a fight against british anthony rolls. After the victory, the ukrainian told about his main goal.

Lomachenko again becomes boring in boxing: what's next (video)
Content: 1. Loves of the public – lomachenko2. Jubilee knockout lomachenko3. That lomachenko is waiting for

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Loves of the public – lomachenko

Vasily has long been in love with all: simple viewers of boxing, experts on television, promoters and even colleagues in the workshop. His fighting technique, work on legs, preparation features became an example and object of studying in boxing schools. And the athlete himself regularly falls into the ratings of the best, despite the rather short career in professional boxing.

In 2018, the american association of journalists, writing about boxing, recognized the ukrainian best boxer of the year. Read more about him and other results – in singial material.

Meeting with anthony roll became for the ukrainian just the 14th, but during this time scrap managed to become a champion in three weight categories, starting his climbing in the semi-easy weight. But the lack of competition forced the athlete to gain weight and rise higher and higher. At the moment he stopped in a lightweight weight, where he plans to realize his new goal – become an absolute world champion in this weight category. To do this, just need to get four belts in the main boxing federations, two of them have a ukrainian already. They stood on the horse while defending on friday.

Jubilee knockout lomachenko

However, to feel this competition could not be. In the third round, his opponent was sent to nokdown, and in the fourth britannets anthony rolley missed a strong blow to the temple, after which he could not immediately rise. As a result: the beautiful victory of the lomachenko and the tenth, the anniversary knockout of the ukrainian in his career.

What a knockout from loma!!! #lomacrolla pic.Twitter.Com / xwjbxmmbdy

— top rank boxing (@trboxing)
april 13, 2019.

Against this result, the recent statement of another boxer – jervont davis that the breakdown is missing a knockout blow, it sems insolvent. You can read more about about this here.

After the battle, vasily once again proved his fiction and respect for the opponent: the athlete went to the locker room to the briton to the thant.

Respect [email protected] @ant_crolla #lomacrolla pic.Twitter.Com / rbagwrzeo8

— matchroom boxing (@matchroomboxing)
april 13, 2019.

That lomachenko is waiting for

After the fight, vasily shared his plans. His words leads the british edition of daily mail:

«I want a fight with mikey garcia, i want to combine the belt. It is my goal. I want historical battles».

Ukrainian who won all trophies in amateur boxing, now wishes to become a unquestioned king in professionals and confidently goes to his goal.

His promoter bob aruum previously stated that in 2019 it is planned three fights from the crowds, and it is quite possible, one of them will be held just with the garcy, which this year tried himself in a welterweight weight and suffered the first defeat in his career. From the decision of the american, returning to light weight or continue to try yourself in a new division, the probability and timeline of the possible battle with the ukrainian depends.

True, with the next duel will have to wait for another reason. In battle with a rabral champion again damaged his right hand. Initially, there were suspicions on the fracture. According to the boxer, this happened just at the time of applying a knockout strike. But yesterday, representatives of the athlete calmed down fans, saying that everything was dislocated and in a month he will again be ready to start training. And the next fight is planned for september.

Slightly more than a month of boxing lovers expect another interesting contest. This time the ring will be friend and kum vasily lomachenka – alexander ukiv. Last year, the ukrainian became an absolute world champion in the first heavyweight. In the same way, he will transition to heavyweight weight, debuting against cameroon carlos takama.

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