Lomachenko On Vacation In Thailand Advised To Change The Hairdresser

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March 9, 2022
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While promoters agree on the venue of the next battlefield of lomachenko against campbell, the champion itself is in thailand, the video of which seriously surprised commentators.

Lomachenko On Vacation in Thailand Advised To Change the Hairdresser

On april 12, 2019, vasily lomachenko conducted the mandatory protection of his champion titles in a light weight in a fight with anthony round sent a british in knockout. At the same time, the ukrainian boxer damaged his hand (onca again), because of what he had to change training for a while. According to the athlete, restoration continues, although he has already argued that it is ready to fight even one hand.

Overview of the duel and video of the anniversary knockout of vasily can be viewed in our separate material.

In may, the official announcement of the next battle appeared on the lamp page. His opponent will be another briton, olympic champion 2012 luke campbell. On horse, the duel will be not only the belt of the ukrainian (wba super and wbo), but also the vacant wbc title. Vasily hopes to become an absolute world champion in the future, this is his current goal.

But at the moment matrix is located in tailand together with his promoter egis climate. Vasily continues training, visits attractions and posts video from buying coconuts.

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????????Juice good morning ☀️

Publication from loma (@lomachenkovasiliy 19 jun 2019 at 8:42 pdt

It would seem that nothing special (except for a funny moment when climate dips from coconut pieces flying into him), but a large number of comments are thrown into the eyes dedicated to the boxer hairstyle:

«You need to beat your hairdresser», «enough to walk to your hairdresser», «we begin the international search for a hairdresser for lomachenko right now!».

Barber for Lomachenko

After a small study on other publications, lomachenko became clear that these comments are part of special flashmob. They write their foreign fans, and everything began with a video on which vasily appeals to fans and announces the fight on august 31 against campbell. It can be assumed that the reason for this was short-triggered athlete whiskey, which clearly became visible on this video.


We advise you to read our material about the american champion, which is often compared with the ukrainian. In the near future she has every chance of beating the record of lomachenko. Read more in a special review.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the date revenge fury was well known – wilder.

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