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January 17, 2022
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World champion wbo and wba super in lightweight weight vasily lomachenko loves to leave unusual challenges. Before that there were jumps on the rope, now – new goal.

Lomachenko Put a New Goal (Video)

In the last battle, which was held on december 10 in the arena «madison square garden» in new york, vasily lomachenko defeated josé pedras and won the second champion belt in lightweight weight. Resting from boxing during the new year holidays, the ukrainian athlete returned to training under the control of his father and part-time trainer anatoly lomachenko.

It is no secret that the best coach according to the ring magazine during the preparation of the son uses non-standard exercises aimed at the development of agility and coordination. One of these examples – juggling and jumping on the rope. The latter was even decorated with a team of lomachenko in a separate challenge, who also loves vasily. So, from the end of october 2018, anyone could try their strength and in 50 seconds to try to jump the maximum number of times on the rope. Boxer himself also took part, having completed 206 leaps for the allotted time.

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The loma jump rope challenge – official. Results | results today came to completion of the official loma challenge. As was promised by vasily lomachenko, he himself personally performed the challenge and showed the result of 206 spanking jumps for 50 seconds. Winners of challenge steel: 1st place – anton cherednichenko 238 (@cherednichenkobox) 2nd place – mikola panachyuk 236 (@ kolya9829) 3 place – andrei fatakhov 230 (@andreyfatakhov) 4-50 places | 4-50th places @kush_egor @max_outer_space @ simonlaz1 @ alex_st91 @viachslav_mrv @makstara @volodimirgorzov @borzchechenumar @anastasia__sti @artemkolysa @artem.Grishan @_mr.Miscreant @alexpoltavets_boxing @official_denvlasov @ 123451213boks @stantregubenko @romapyrko @ 1t_equanimity @viktornav @savchenkov.Dmitrii @arturnedeoglo @workhardpayitforward @ andr0psel @derbenator @zlatko_bb @sportsinan @ lexa_falaleev_93 @talovyriaartem @reachgoall @p_evdokimov @ maxpro13 @ ​​ghert17 @ yacher57 @mikhail_tbe @usama.Lone1 @duvet_textile @sportybeast @ markfridman1983 @__mijaljevich @karina.Kirilyuk @ restoran011 @ rybakova1336 @igorsiritsa @m_d_semenuk @ nikc_85ukr @romchikhuda absolutely all the prisoners of challenge will receive a notice to had the above-mentioned at registry with all organizational moments on december 27. We congratulate all the participants wish you a sports year! Sport needs to be engaged constantly to live on full! From the soul, the loma challenge team — so the official loma challenge has ended up today. As was promised by vasiliy lomachenko, he did his own challenge and made 206 skips in 50 seconds. The winners of the challenge are: 1st place – anton cherednichenko (@cherednichenkox) 2nd place – mykola panachuk (@ kolya9829) 3rd place – andrew phateahov (@andreyfatakhov) all the challenge will be personally notified by email on december 27th. We want to congratulate all the challenge partipants wappy new year. With love, the loma challenge team

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But now, apparently, we should expect new challenges from the ukrainian. At least this is evidtenced by a new video on the official athlete page in instagram. On him the boxer feeds the mini-ball. The post is accompanied by a signature: «new call this year… make 1000 beats».

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New years resolution…Do 1000 kick ups ⚽️ ⏳ #loma

Publication from loma (@lomachenkovasiliy) 14 jan 2019 at 10:36 pst

The nearest battle of vasily, most likely will spend in april of this year. The head of top rank, representing the interests of lomachenko, shared information that it would be a fight for the title of the ibf champion. And his rival will be the winner of the pair of richard com – isa chaniev.

Close friend of lambi – alexander ukiv – can also hold your nearest fight in april. For him, this fight must become heavyweight debut.

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