Lopez Threatens To Defeat Lomachenko

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February 10, 2022
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American boxer, representative of light weight category theophyology lopez continues to warm up interest in his person. This time he stated that he knew how to defeat vasily lomachenko.

Lopez threatens to defeat Lomachenko

Lopez argues that he can handle the world champion in wbo and wba vasily lomachenko. Boxer emphasizes that the ukrainian has already lost before.

However, lopez can not yet meet with lomachenko in the ring due to the lack of a belt, despite all the assurances that he is ready for battle with the ukrainian.

In addition, according to lopez, experts and viewers are largely overestimated by titled boxers.

Lopez developed a whole plan for the implementation of his ambitions regarding the battle with lomachenko. He declares that he must first fight edis tatley (the battle will take place on april 20). The boxer plans to meet in a duel with the world champion according to ibf richard commemi. If you agree on the fight, lopez is ready to boo with mikey garcia – wbc title holder. The final chord of 2019 should be a fight with lomachenko.

Recall that april 12 will fight vasily lomachenko with anthony roll. On the konya world champion title according to wba.

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