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March 24, 2022
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Lottery COM GOES to Mobile Colorado Market

Lottery com, online lottery platform from a mobile device, announced that colorado has become a regular staff in which internet use and mobile devices can play the lottery online.

Lottery com continues to expand its services in the usa, allowing you to play without leaving home. Jackpot mega millions is estimated at $ 625 million and this is 8 largest in the history of jackpots, and powerball is estimated at $ 550 million.

Expansion of the colorado not only contributes to income revenue to the state budget, but also helps to finance the protection of nature. Colorado lottery is the only state lottery in the country dedicated to the conservation of nature and made more than 3.5 billion on the development of parks, route development.

"Since i was born and grew up in denver, i am very pleased with the appearance of our platform in the native state. As more and more people stay at home and safe, we are pleased to safely and reliably play the lottery and reliably play the lottery, while maintaining the nature of colorado ",

– said tony dimatteo, general director of lottery com.

November 19 2020 lottery com announced the intention to unite with trident acquisitions corp., what made lottery com publicly traded by the nasdaq stock exchange.

Source: trident acquisitions corp website

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