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January 6, 2022
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All lotteries, in addition to state, on the territory of the russian federation were prohibited in 2014. Nevertheless, the lottery machines of the non-state operator were posted in the outlets of arkhangelsk.

Lottery Machines Are Made in Arkhangelsk

To play b «instant lottery», you must throw a ten-liter coin to the receiver. But, despite the fact that the terminal does not give out a lottery ticket. After a couple of moments, the button lights up again «pay ticket».

The administrative penalty provided for in violation of the law of the russian federation of the amount to 350 thousand. Rubles and suggests the confibition of all equipment belonging to a legal entity. By decision of the arbitration court of arkhangelsk, the organizer of an unauthorized lottery was fined 300 thousand. Rubles. Indiprise was fined. Sums of recovery amounted to 15 thousand. Rubles.

However, the law implies punyshment not only to the organizer, but also the owner of the building in which equipment was established. It is significant that a few days after the confiscation on the site of dismantled automata appear new. This can be explained by the fact that the established fines do not exceed the amount of profit.

This situation is characteristic not only for arkhangelsk: illegal slot machines are often installed in shopping centers throughout the country.

Recall that, according to the legislation of the russian federation, the legislation of the russian federation, the legislation whve not reached majority have notteries or buy lottery tickets at ground points of sale.

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