Lottery Operator Ireland In The Center Of The Scandal

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January 19, 2022
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The national lottery operator of ireland was under the closer attention to the.

Lottery Operator Ireland In The Center of the Scandal

On wednesday, the irish media reported that the management of the national lottery regulator (ornl) commissioned ipsos mrbi to make a control procurement wodh the participation of secret buyers. As part of the inspection of minors, citizens were sent in 510 retairers of the irish national lottery to try to buy lottery tickets.

The results of the control procurement showed that 37% of the lottery sellers agreed to serve minor clients. The check also showed that 27% of kiosks had no mandatory sign indicating that the sale of lottery tickets is carried out only for citizens over 18 years. Only half (51%) stores that do not have signs, refused to sell tickets to children, compared with 67% of stores with the necessary signs.

Ornl, in turn, stated that he was grateful to the organizers of this check, since now they have a base of unscrupulouus vendors who will be punished. Also, a lottery operator premier lotteries ireland (pli). Director ornl carol bath stated that it deliberately interacts with pli to ensure the rapid acceptance of measures towards the violators of the established procedure.

It has previously known that in ireland there are two bills that should be the key to regulating the online gambling industry.

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