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January 31, 2022
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Deputy chief minister yunnam joykumar announced that the lottery system will be introduced again in the indian state of manipur. The purpose of innovations – receiving additional income to the state budget.

Lottery will appear in the manipus

However, it remains an open question whether lottery tickets will be sold only within the state or implementation is planned and beyond. The media express suggestions that lottery products will be able to purchase only persons living outside the manipura.

Since the introduction of gst in july 2017, according to joykumar, 8.57 billion rupees were collected ($ 120.7 million) from gambling business. This pushed many officials in the region to re-administer the lottery system as a means to obtain additional income.

However, the lottery sector is not developing everywhere. According to the latest reports, the sweden government noted a lottery sales reduction in 2018. And this is despite the fact that in general gambling in the country rose by 1.5%. In the online casino segment and sports rates, total income increased by more than 11%, but the sales of the lottery in the whole country fell by 2.7%. This happened after the legalization of the online market.

Despite the negative results of the work of the lottery sector in some countries, manipur clearly sees the opportunity to obtain significant additional income. If we assume that it will really increase the tax revenues to which joykumar hopes, this step can become a positive sign for other efforts to legalize gambling business in the country.

Previously, representatives of the indian gambling industry respondd to the criticism of the industry expressed by president of congress goa girish chodankar.

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