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April 25, 2022
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According to the data provided on the annual statistical report «long-term research of children of australia» (lsac), one of the six adolescents aged 16 to 17 years old played gambling.

Lsac Study: Leaning to Lucky Adolescents Australia

Of 15.7% of participants who reported to playing gambling, most of the boys were (19%), girls – 12%. Private rates in a circle of friends or family – the only legal type for them for them. Thus, it is logical that he turned out to be the most common. According to statistics, such rates did one boy from eight and one girl out of twelve.

According to general results, 6% of boys and 3% of girls made sports rates, while 4% of boys and 3% of girls prefer horse racing and dog run. Approximately 5% of the entire sample played a scratch card, and 3% preferred lottery and bingo.

In keno, casino, board games and poker played more thank 2% of children aged 16 to 17 years, despite the fact that for admission it is necessary to confirm your age. According to lsac estimates, about 9 thousand participated in the listed games. 17-year-old teens throughout australia.

In the conducted study of lsac included a scale determining the severity of the problem associated with gembling (pgsi). Due to this, it turned out that 16.9% of playing boys and 3.9% of girls make up a group of 13.1%, which is either susceptible to gembling risk, or has experienced problems with gambling.

In The Conducted Lsac Study Included The Scale

In general, 2.8% of players are classified as a group that has problems with game behavior. About 1.6% of girls who are fond of gambling are classified as a group of moderate risk. At the same time 4.8% of boys are also attributed to a moderate risk group and 4.5% have been marked with gambling problems.

Respondents’ answers were rated on a three-point scale, the questionnaire included nine questions. It was noted that both the boys and girls who answered the afirmative on question of the last year, also played gambling in a given period of time.

Among adult parent samples were the most popular lotteries, in demand among 59% of fathers and 48% of mothers. At the same time, about a quarter and those and others acquired scratch cards. The third in the prevalence of gambling among father was rates on horse racing and dog run, most popular among mothers – poker machines.

At the same time, one of the ten parents of 16-17-year-old adolescents (9.4%) was introduced to a group of problem or at risk players. In general, only 0.8% of parents, the prevailing number of which – men, have problems with gambling. Only 0.1% of mothers has dependence on gembling.

Recall that in the uk advertising control bodies took up the question of attracting children to marketing campaigns.

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