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March 4, 2022
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Over the past few decades, the internet has become an integral part of the daily life of people. However, the innovative invention carries not only advantages, but also the threats. Experts called ludomania one of the manifestations of internet addiction.

Ludomania - A Variety of Internet-Dependent - Expert

Interest in the study of user behavior on the internet appeared from specialists at the moment when it was found that the average person spends more time on the network than.

Psychotherapists trid to determine what, in principle, is the norm in relation to the time sport on the network, the specialist sergey kistseniev is divided into data. Since come to a common denominator in this matter so finally and did not work out, the specialists decided to delimit internet dependence on sumtipes.

One of the most dangerous types of internet addiction was called luda and game. Under the game, there is due to to the relationship from gambling or betting. Experts believe that the disorder is especially common among men under the age of 45 due to availability.

In addition, psychotherapists are distinguished in a separate subspecies dependence on online games in the network. Experts provide statistics according to which 40% of the players in world of warcraft (wow) suffer from disorder.

Recall that with the aim of preventing gambling addiction, a meeting of specialists was organized.

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