Macao Authorities Voiced The Size Of The Tourist Tax

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April 29, 2022
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The idea of ​​the introduction of tourist tax in macau has been discussed for a year. Thus, the government is trying to control the tourist stream, while making the region more atractive for travelers.

Macao Authorities Voiced The Size of the Tourist Tax

After a long discussion of the macau tourism bureau (mgto) announced a visa price range, which flucutuate from 100 ($ 12.50) to 200 patacts ($ 25).

The data were made public by hoi io meng, depeuty head of mgto, in communicating with journalists. Price sizes were formed on the basis of a survey conducted among the locals from may 20 to june 20 last year.

The study was submitted for consideration by the government as a guideline. Residents found a reasonable price of 100 patac. At the same time, the tourism bureau, most likely, voiced the wider scatter to be able to bargain.

Deputy head of mgto stated that the authorities are studying the results of the study.

Gambling operators in which the introduction of touist tax can also have a significant impact, have already commented on the situation. When the tick was first raised seriouty, the representativive of mgm china said that the money taken from the payroll tax can be spent on programs that the industry will strengthen.

Currently, the final decision on the introduction of tourist tax has not yet been accepted. Initially it was assumed that the latter will be able to free the infrastructure of a special administrative district from the zasille of travelers and the failure. This problem may also solve than from tax administration.

It significant that the international monetary fund (imf) believees that macau is necessary, on the contrary, to maintain in every way, from the state of which the welfare of the region depends.

Recall that last year macau visited 39.4 million guests, which is 10% more than in 2018.

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