Macau Authorities Announced A Two-Week Ban On International Air Communication

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May 26, 2022
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Macau AUTHORITIES BANNED International Air Communication

Government macau decided to prohibit international air communication with other states. The decision will enter into force on january 9. It was taken to curb the next increase in the incidence of covid-19.

The press service of the urban health bureau january would ban "civil aircraft to carry passengers from the places outside of china in macau".

In a special administrative district of the middle kingdom, as well as in neighboring hong kong, serious restrictions on the movement of tourists have been preserve. As a result of the adoption of the new rule of the adoption of the non rule of air transportation, visiting-non-residents will not be able to enter the city. At the same time, all residents arriving in macau from abroad are subect to mandatory quarantine, regardless of whether the were given a positive result on coronavirus or not.

With the exception of mainland china and hong kong, the sentince of self-insulation can be from 21 to 35 days, depetioning on which resident comes from which country.

Note, hong kong announced similar measures on january 5. There was a two-week ban on entry flights from australia, canada, france, india, pakistan, philippines, united kingdom, the authorities. Restrictions will act in the period from january 8 to 21.

It is expected that the ban on international air travel will cause serious damage to macau’s gambling markets. Prior to this, 79 cases of the diese were registered in the world’s largest gaming zone, although asymptomatic episodes are registered separately.

Ondember 26, the city has revealed the first oomikron infected which forced the authorities to begin to show much vigiliilance for the development of the situation with morbidity in the region.

In the former portuguese colony now theple at least 650,000 people who are located on an area of ​​30 square kilometers. These indicators make macau with one of the most densely populated regions on the planet.

Recall, according to morgan stanley analysts, in 2022 the volume of profits of casino operators macau will grow by 15%.

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