Macau Authorities Can Introduce Tourist Tax

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February 8, 2022
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Head of public administration of tourism macao maria helena de senna fernandez statedt that the department considers the possibility of introducing a tourist tax.

Macau Authorities CAN Introduce Tourist Tax

The head of the department shared information that the bureau is conducting a comparative analysis against tax fees charged in venice and japan. She also added that, despite the lack of restrictions on the date of consideration of the issue, the bureau does not plan to delay the process.

The purpose of the study is to identify the motives and the results of the introduction of a tourist tax.

Senna fernandez also explains that taxation of the tourist sphere introduced in foreign jurisdictions was not aimed at the region, but to income the income of local authorities. This step is necessary for further redistribution of financial resources in favor of the development and maintenance of infrastructure.

The authorities of the special administrative area predict that the number of visitors to macau in 2019 will be 38 million. The fiscal surplus in 2018 amounted to mop53.87 billion.

Commenting on the possible introduction of tourist tax in macau, the executive director of the mgm china holdings ltd operator grant bowie said that the key element of the introduction of a new policy is that the income received from tax fees will be redirected to the development of the tourism industry.

In venice from may 1, tourism tax will be introduced in the amount of €3. Such measures were introduced due to the devastating effect on the city of huge tourist flows.

Напомним, что количество посетителей макао увеличилось на 15,5% в феврале текущего года.

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