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January 14, 2022
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Hong kong company steve vickers and associates ltd published a risk assessment report for 2019, which states that the local government contributes to the stabilization of the sector.

Macau - between two lights

The main factor destabilizing the market, in the report is not easy relationships between the united states and china.

The current trade war between the two countries will not cease in the foreseeable future. Therefore, to preserve the favor of china, macau need to limit the american presence in the gambling industry. Analysts believe that the administrative district can «weaken industry domination» in the region.

Currently, half of the macau licenses belongs to companies from the usa. Existing permits should expire in the next couple of years. The report suggested that all concessions will be extended to 2022 so that local regulators can consider applications at the same time.

Similar can cause anxiety from american investors. The situation also complicates the fact that ho lat seng, the head of the legislative assembly, in many issues supports china’s policies. Analysts suggest that everything can end with the abandonment of american licensees.

However, with the exception of this, macau surprises positive results. Up to 2000 new hotel rooms are built every year, income continues to grow, analysts predict further development, and the new bridge attracts many tourists. Taking into account the modernization of the railway line and the airport, the increase in tourists should be permanent. Due to the fact that most macau visitors come from mainland china, the authorities can solve the most distance from american operators.

Recall that, according to the government, the mass market of macau games is on the rise, while the income of the vip segment in the third quarter of 2018 fell.

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