Macau Casino Will Be Carefully Guarded By The Police

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January 13, 2022
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On monday, january 7, security security security security wong sio chuck steated that the city governo plans to strength guard.

Macau Casino Will Be Carefully Guarded by The Police

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The reason for the corresponding measures was the attack of three people on the police officer, which occurred in the galaxy of january 3 near the galaxy macau casino resort. The police officer asked for men to stop smoking in the non-smoking area, but the did not listen, because of what he made a warning shot, for what the attack followed.

As a result, the police officer received minor injuries. According to wong, he was temporarily transferred to work in the office to emotionally recover from the incident. Three men arriving from mainland china are now accused of attacking a policeman and can sentence to imprisonment for up to five years.

In addition, the governments will consider the issue of equipping the majority of police in pepper aerosols to provide them with an additional opportunity for detention of criminals at the scene if necessary.

Meanwhile, representatives of the police and the urban gambling regulator met to discuss the methods of improving cooperation between law enforcement officers and private security companies at the casino resorts in order to ensure rapid emergency response. Representatives of the bureau of igor inspection and coordination, trial police and police of public security said that casino operators schould improve the preparation of their securityal response instructions for unforeseen situations.

Recall, from january 1 of this year, improved smoking rooms have been commissioned in macau.

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