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April 28, 2022
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According to the city public security service, in 2019, macau visited more than 39.4 million tourists, which is 10% more than a year earlier. The 2018 indicator was 35.8 million visitors.

Macau in 2019 Visited 39 Million Tourists - Police

According to the police, approximately 28 million users who arrived in 2019 in macau were inhabitants of the mainland china. The main countries also became hong kong, taiwan, south korea, philippines, japan, united states, malaysia; indonesia, thailand, india, singapore and australia. Countries are located in descending order of the number of travelers who followed macau.

The police also provided information that the checkpoint of the border gate, connecting the areaeemp (guangdong province) on the mainland china, retained the traditional championship regarding the coupling point. A total of 145 million inbuits and departures were registered. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that this indicator also takes into account local residents, daily run to work and back.

According to official data, 75% of all visits to macau accounted for border gates last year. As another point of entry, the hong kong-zhuhai macau bridge can be named, open in 2018.

In 2019, 13.3 million different types of travel and not tourist trees were carried out on the bridge. The volume is estimated at 7% of the total bandwidth of macau.

In addition, visitors arrive in macau through the sea ferry terminal at an external harbor, the ferry terminal pac on in type, the international airport and the lotus bridge, connecting hencin island with macau kotai casino district.

Tourism in Macau

Maria helena de senna fernandez, head of state administration of tourism makao (mgto), stated disappointing information about the number of visits to a special administrative district in 2019, so the project indicator of 40 million guests will most likely be surpassed.

At the same time, analysts claim that an increase in the number of visits is not necessary favorable on the financial indicators of the gambling industry. The reason for this is that a tangible effect on ggr macau has a vip segment.

In early 2020, an upgraded checkpoint will be commissioned, wilh will connect hencin with a cat;. The entry point has a capacity of 220 thousand. Passengers per day. The government also notes that over time macau will refuse to use the lotus bridge.

Recall that the forecasts of analysts on ggr macau 2020 are disappointing.

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