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July 12, 2022
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Macau Reappears Entertainment Establishments

The reacting center for the new coronavirus and coordination in macau will again open entertainment establishments and removes all red and yellow zones from midnight at the beginning of tuesday after 12 days in a row without registering any new covid-19 cases in the community.

A number of objects have been closed, and quarantine zones are enacted after four builders have discovered a positive result on covid-19 at the beginning of this month . Closed platforms included cinemas, theaters, indoor amusement parks, gaming halls, internet cafe, billiard and bowling, sala and massage cabinets, beauty salons, gym, health clubs, karaoke, bars, nightclubs, disco, dance halls and cabarets. .

However, health authorities are preparing to stop insulation after spending a new round of virus tests on sunday, who live in red and yellow areas. About 50,000 people had to go through the test in the evening of sunday, while the now round of testing was to exclude any possibility of hidden infection at the final stage of the covid-19 incubation period and improve the conditions for the complete resump of normal border interaction with the mainland china.

On friday, it also became known that the status of warning of immediate prevention in macau should be discontinued, and public advice on the proposed amendments to gambling in macau were transferred after the series was postponed due to the outbreak of covid-19 and typhoon.

The number of participants of each session will be reduced, so now every session of public consultation is divided is divided into two parts.

Source: inside asian gaming

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