Macau’S Gambling Industry Turned Out To Be Captured By Hong Kong, Czynspine And Trump

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April 19, 2022
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Residents of hong kong – permanent guests of gambling establishments of the neighboring macau. At the south time, the prostests in the southeast special administrative district were fierced. How relevant events may affect the financial indicators of macau’s gambling institutions – in our material.

Macau's Gambling Industry Turned Out to Be Captured by Hong Kong, CZYNSPINE AND TRUMP

Protest movement, which launched in hong kong in march of the current year, goes into a more aggressive phase – both sides are beginning to use extreme measures, and beijing encourages or, at least, indulges to the cruel behavior of the hong kong police.

Thus, macau, the shares of gambling companies whose already suffered from unrest in hong kong, it seeemed to be in the epicenter of the scandal. Unreasonable shooting in unarmed and arson disagree – this is what the monhs of disappointment can lead. And the longer the protesters will preserve on the streets, the stronger the state of affairs for both sides will be aggravated.

How does the situation affect the tourist industry macau – unknown. On the one hand, it is hardly a protesters in hong kong students go to the weekend to play poker with high rates in casino macau. However, if beijing’s tactics regarding the consolidation of the riots will change in the near future, it is possible that the authorities will introduce restrictions on movement, the curfew, the control of financial transactions. China’s invasion of hong kong is unlikely, since the prc from such actions can lose a lot from a geopolitical point of view.

How The Situation Will Affect The Tourism Industry Macau - Unknown

Hong kong long time ranks second as «supplier» visitors to macau casino, on the third – taiwan (3.2% of the total number of visitors). Total residents of mainland china and hong kong make up 90% of macao players. For comparison, only 0.5% of visitors fall on us residents.

In september of this year, about 565 thousand came to mac king mac king. Players. According to public administration on tourism, the figure is 27.2% more than in the same period last year. This is logical – hairrollers who come to macau, and students protesters in hong kong – not the same people. In addition, judging by september indicators, all from time to time must be distracted. Therafore, paradoxically, but the fact – prostests con contribute to the influx of tourists from hong kong in macau, because vip players want to relax behind gambling. However, the situation may change due to tightening the strugley on the streets.

Do not discharge that the well-being of macao gambling companies has a negative impact of the protracted trading war of china and the usa.

Recall that the gambling sector macau has suffered from reducing the number of visitors in october.

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