Macau’S Gambling Operators Are Configured Pessimistic About Ggr For 2020

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April 25, 2022
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According to analysts, 2020 will not become a turning point for the return of positive growth dynamics of macau gambling operators. The latter declare that income from operations next year will remain at the level of 2019.

Macau's Gambling Operators Are Configured PESSIMISTIC ABOUT GGR FOR 2020

Suncity group elvin chow chek wa in communicating with journalists from macao daily news said that theat that ggr will continue on the same level, and will not current year. Negative factors affecting the gambling industry macau, wa called a trade war between the united states and the general economic policy of china. Presumably, a positive effect will have a discovery of several new gambling establishments in kota.

One new gambling establishments macao will be grand lisboa palace – casino-resort worth $ 5 billion, property sjm holdings. If in the next few months, force majeors will not arise, the opening of the facility will be held next year. It was originally assumed that the integrated resort will be ready for commissioning at the end of this year, but during construction there were a number of problems.

At the same time, careful optimism regarding income in 2020 saves not only the suncil manual. Ceo of mgm china holdings grant bowie, executive director sjm holdings ltd angela leong about kay and president sands china ltd. Wilfred wong in wai agreed wot a colleague and stated that the year woud be difficult. Angela leong expressed the opinion that there will be a good result for macau even the preservation of ggr at the level of 2019.

A Good Result for Macao Will Even Keep The GGR AT The 2019 Level

But wilfred wong in wai believees that the situation with the trade war in china and the united states may soften. If this is really happening, macau will manage to improve the indicators of the vip segment due to the influx of hairrollers from the mainland china. The latter can most fully affect sands china, as the repairs in its gambling establishment four seasons specializing in the provision of premium services will be completed until the year of the first half of the year.

2019 did not justify the hopes of gambling operators. Despite the fact that sevel months distinguished themselves with positive ggr growth rates, in general, income from operations decreased. November figures affected the reduction of revenue by 8.5% year in annual.

If negative trends persist, then ggr in january can be $ 33.29 billion, which is 2.4% of less than last year.

Recall that sjm promised to complete the hotel dedicated to the memory of the famous kuturier karl lagerfeld, in grand lisboa palace.

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