Macau’S Gambling Regulator Plans To Introduce New Rules

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April 13, 2022
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Casino ganket operators in macau may encounter tightening rules. When the enter into force and what exactly will – not yet known.

Macau's Gambling Regulator Plans To Introduce New Rules

Paulo martins, head of the game inspection bureau and macau coordination (dicj), said that the regulator develops a project with new rules aimed at increasing the standards for verifying these those who work in the gianket-industry macau. Check will also touch the sources of capital.

Martins clarified that the bureau plans an increase in the threshold for a janquet casino, and the increase in regulation of such operators. It should be noted that dicj has promised to make tight demands for capital on new dzhanket casino, which did not consider even approximate time when of the project falls on the tables of lawmakers. Strengthening the control over this market sector occurred after a series of internal scandals associated with financial fraud investors dzhanket casino.

According to dicj, the number of dzhanket casino with a license decreased to one hundred, whereas last year it was nine institutions more. Thus, since 2013, the number of institutions decreased from its peak mark to 235 objects.

Tightening of control in macau and beijing led to the fact that many dzhanket institutions sent their vip-person to other casino jurisdictions (here enters vietnam, philippines and cambodia). But despite this change, last week the government of macau announced that taxation of taxes from the commissions paid in 2018 was 394 million patac ($ 49 million), which is 17% more than in 2017, and much higher 280 million patacts predicted by the government.

This year, taxes from representatives of the sector in the amount of 360 million patacts add to the state budget. This amount is inaccessible to operators. Last year, successfully managed to achieve success in this issue due to the rise of vip-gambling after many years of decline.

Recall, the betting operator from poland will now sponsor a plus league.

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