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July 28, 2022
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Macau Shared The Results of Consultations ON Gaming Right

Bureau for the control and coordination of gambling macau (dicj) shared the results of consultations conducted on the proposed changes in macau’s game legislation. From october 22 to october 25, four public consultations were held on the laws of gambling.

The report assumes that most of the opinions expressed during the consultation were against the proposed dividend distribution measures. The government promised to consider issues, statements and suggestions.

The report says:

"Most opinions diverge with the relevant proposal. Thely understand that the receipt of prior permission from the government is a restriction that will interfere with the free market and can reflect the interest of concessionaires / subconceptionors for investment ".

As for the introduction of "delegates" in macau’s game consessions in order to establish a greater control limit for the activities of game firms, 57 people agreed were against. The government statedt that he understood the point of view, according to which government representatives may interfere with the activities and independence of operators.

As for the number and duration of future gaming concesions, most of the opinions were in favor of increasing the number of franchises from the current three to six. Most also agreed with the government’s proposal to terminate the existing system of subconction.

As for the duration of the casino concesions, 42 percent said thould be less than the current 20 years; 32 percent of people agreed with the current duration, and 9.9 percent for a longer period.

The authorities stated: "in the process of developing the game sector, maintaining a certiain amount is an important basis for ensuring social stability and employment of residents".

Source: focus asia pacific

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