Macau Will Enable Foreign Guest Entry

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March 25, 2022
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Macau Will Enable Foreign Guest Entry

Foreign visitors will be allowed to return to macau through the mainland china only in the presence of a visa of the chinaese authorities.

At the moment, macau will be allowed to enter only by returning foreign guests who arrived in the mainland china from macau on a visa issued by the office of the commissioner of the ministry of the foreign affairs.

Visitors shold return to macau during the validity period of the visa and should not be somewhere outside the mainland china oum macau in the previous 21 days.

Prior to this, foreign visitors in macau were limited to those whose were believed to serve as a public interest, such as prevention of diseases and struggle or rescue in emergency situations, registered working and non-residents or students registered in local institutions.

Macau is still waiting for the return of electronic visas. Meanwhile, the negative test result on covid-19 will no longer need to enter the macau casino.

Casino dealers started vaccination from covid-19. At the moment, more than 15,000 macau residents are vaccinated.

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