Madrid “Realu” Will Definitely Do Not Like It: The Wales Team Accompanied The Exit To The Euro With A Provocative Crurch

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April 20, 2022
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Wales national team players brought the team to the bulk of the european championship, winning in the last two games against azerbaijan and hungary. But without a hint of the scandal did not cost.

Madrid'Realu' will definitely do not like it: the Wales team accompanied the exit to the euro with a provocative crurch

Wales team matches have become more fun thanks to the cruirc of bayla, who is unlikely to like to lead «real»

Welsh fans shouted during a match against azerbaijan: «wales. Golf. Madrid». Many have grown it, including team players. And although it sounded funny and harmless, no one assumed that it would happen in the match of the 10th round of the group stage.

In the game against hungary, the wales team won with a score of 2: 0, and after it began to celebrate the exit to euro 2020. Forward and the leader of the national team appeared on the field with the flag of the country on the shoulders.

It was written by the same crurch to which it was added «in this order». The national team and the stands have fun, but not everyone understands the cause of such behavior. Most likely, gareth does this because of his own problems in «royal club».

Already about half a year between bail and the club relationship deteriorate almost every day. The fact is that the beginning of the summer transfer window zidan clearly made it clear: he does not see the welsh striker in the madrid team. Gareti and his agent it offended, and the club was slowly looking for a new team for the player.

The transition was not destined to take place, and bale remained. Forward began the season nicely, often scored and often was the leader of the attack. On the first matches in the execution of a football player, we told in more detail in our other article.

But the relationship with zidan never went on amendment, and by the middle of autumn, the player’s indicators began to fall. Once he stated that until the end of the contract with «realom» ready to play golf (this is another interesting story). These words were the answer to the hint of the coaching staff, which does not see him as part of the team.

During one of the first matches of the matches of la league gareth bale went to play golf while the team played on the field. The case caused resonance in the media and demonstrated the scale of the negative in the relations of the parties. We told in more detail about the situation in our separate article.

In the scurrics of fans, focus on the priority of listed phenomena. They say, in the first place for gareti, the national team is always. He himself often said that he feels there much better than in the club. Next goes golf – the hobby of the football player, which he preferred «royal club». In the last place symbolically settled «real».

I wonder how it will react to the club, considering and so difficult with the player. Perhaps gareti is waiting for new sanctions from the leadership and head coach zinnerina zidan.

Earlier we wrote about the transfer of el classico due to prostests in barcelona.

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