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July 28, 2022
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June 6 in miami will be a unusual evening boxing. Invincible boxer floyd maeveter will fight with youtube-blogger logan. The parties actively lead a quiet and heated interest in the confrontation that both huge fees will bring.

Maeweser - Logan Gender: Steel Fees are known

Photo source: reuters / steve marcus, instagram.Com / loganpaul

Logan floor against meevezer: light money for floyd or drop legend

If anyone knows how to earn huge money on battles, then this is definitely floyd maevezer. Boxer for no accident got the nickname money. If you see the top fees for boxing fights, most seats will occupy fighting with the participation of an american. Even after the end of his career with a 50-0 record, floyd continues to generate opportunities for earnings.

After a couple of days he will fight with blogger logan by paul by the rules of boxing, and floyd will again receive a record amount. Guaranteed payment, according to media information, will be $ 10 million, but in the contract it is also spelled out that 50% of the amount of broadcasts sold will also be sick to the boxer’s account. According to preliminary estimates, it will be able to reach $ 200 million, and theraefore maevezer in the amount will receive more than $ 100 million.

If it is possible, as experts predict, the battle with the floor will be for floyd third in the amount of earnings after the fear for fighting with pacquiao ($ 300 million) and with mcgregor ($ 185 million). At the same time, maevezer himself does not doubt his victory and calls the upcoming event «legal robbery of the bank».

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Logan Floor Against Maevezer

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Interestingly, there will be no judges at the upcoming meeting, and the victory will be able to win only by knitness. Logan paul has already stated that it is going to do it. The blogger is highher and heavier than floyd (the difference in growth is 10 cm, the same and in theory it increases the chances of the jutter to win. But the invincible champion himself does not worry because. According to him, they are not solved, but skills. According to money, he rejoices logan’s confidence in his abilities, but believees that there is a huge difference between him and the adversary – behind the shoulders of maweather professional career lasting in 25 years. This allows him to be absolutely not worried.

I Wonder What The Upcoming Meeting Will Not Be Judges

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