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January 30, 2023
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Against the background of a significant drop in the bitcoin course, the complexity of mining also decreased. For the second time in the entire history of the first cryptocurrency, this figure dropped by 15%.

Maine Bitcoin has become easier

Such a phenomenon was observed in october 2011. Then the complexity fell by 13%. However, after that, she remained at the same time for a long time. In january 2016, the complexity fell by 8.6%, and the next decline occurs now.

Bitcoin course really depends on china?

Stopped his height and hashrait. Moreover, from mid-november, when bitcoin began to fall sharply, its meaning also crawled down.

It is noteworthy that the sharp drop of holsheita occurred at the moment when chinese miners had interruptions with electricity. Then the cost of the first cryptocurrency collapsed below $ 6200.

To date, the price of btc fell even lower. On december 6, 15:58 moscow time, according to the coinmarketcap analytical resource, the cost «digital gold» reached a mark $ 3786,27. The collapse per day was 2.91%.

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