Malta Will Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports

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August 19, 2022
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The malta gaming authority regulator (mga) recently announced that daily fantasy-sport is released from the requirements for obtaining licenses for gambling licenses. This writes yogonet.

Malta Will Regulate Daily Fantasy Sports

Representatives of mga stated in view of the presence of an element of skill and knowledge in fantasy skorts such activities shold be differentiated from gambling in terms of licensing and regulation.

«Mga team predicted the lifting industry of skill games in europe a few years ago, – valery bolör said, general director of the maltese operator oulala.Com. – malta proved that it is a very competitive jurisdiction because of his pragmatism and ability to adapt».

Maltese regulator whose main goal is to protect customers, has been working on licensing rules for sevel months to regulate skills based games, including fantasy sports. The principles on which the category of the game will also be esstablished – is she playing skills or not. These rules are expected to be adopted by the end of this year.

«This official notice is the first step in the process that malta will do the first major european country offering real licenses for skill games. Thus, this is a very interesting moment for our industry and for malta, – stressed bollier. – malta will attract the attention of the entire european market dfs and will be ahead of the fantasy-sport revolution».

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