Mana Pocked Spirit And Scored The Most Beautiful Goal, Senegalez Returned Very Time (Video)

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February 1, 2022
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Attack «liverpool» recently, it was often criticized for a vague game, but in the match with «watford» he distinguished himself by dubl, and one of the heads claims to be a masterpiece.

Mana Pocked Spirit and scored the most beautiful goal, Senegalez returned very time (video)
Content: 1. Mana had a crisis2. Mana pocked, and the champion «liverpool» returned

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Mana had a crisis

Sadio mana, coming to «liverpool», quickly became one of the pillars of the attack of the merciside club. Now he is an integral part of the troika «warriors yurgen kloppa», which consists of senegalese himself, roberto firmino and mohammed salacha. But in the last couple of months, forward was not like himself. Experts associate this with a trauma in october.

Footballer, usually done on the field a huge amount of work, having a good technique, put on a blow and speed, ruined his moments, once again and took incorrect solutions at an important point. In many ways, the goals have become unbounded «red» on the edge of defeat. I am sure, many fans remember an impedited output one on one in a decisive game with «napoli», moments s «manchester city» or fail in a fight against «bavaria».

Detailed overview of the fight «liverpool» against «napoli» – in separate material.

This is especially acute, this is all against the background of a shared downturn in the team game, which this season claims the championship in the apl. Before the game opp «watford» club under the leadership of yurgen kloppa won only one match of five, the rest graduating with a draw, but in the evening 27th everything has changed.

Up the reds! ✊ pic.Twitter.Com / 707yic5xky

— liverpool fc (@lfc)
february 27, 2019.

Mana pocked, and the champion «liverpool» returned

«Liverpool» was obliged to win. First, the game took place on «enfield», on which the owners are almost invincible. Secondly, «manchester city» for the last tours almost caught up «red», putting the issue of the championship very acute. Roughly speaking, the players stood a simple selection – win either admit that the championship is missed.

In a separate material, we considered a draw with «west hamom», which strongly handled ambitions «liverpool». More details – here.

Apparently, jürgen klopp could clearly and intelligibly explain the importance of this meeting, since already at the 20th minute the score on the scoreboard was 2: 0 in favor of the owners. And both goals recorded sadio man. Especially remarkable was the second goal of senegal. The striker scored his spectacular and powerful blow to the heel. Video attached:

Pic.Twitter.Com / s7cevqimus

— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
february 27, 2019.

Farther «red» it was not to stop. In addition to the goal of origa, the central defender virgil wang duck celebrated. Final account – 5: 0, as a result – excellent application for your championship rights after the wave of criticism, that they collapsed earlier.

Next fight «liverpool» will be opposed «everton» in the so-called mersiside derby on sunday, march 3.

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