“Manchester City” Defeated “Atalanta”, But For The First Time Missed (Video)

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April 14, 2022
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October 22, the champions league group stage was held in the c, leader «manchester city» accepted on my field outsider group – «atalanta». Despite the score, the match turned out to be tense. Read more in material.

Content: 1. Gasperini is good, but guardiola built from «man city» machine for mining points2. Sterling pijon, but hat trick against «atalants» designed

Gasperini is good, but guardiola built from «man city» machine for producing glasses

«Manchester city» habitally good at his stadium. This could make sure many clubs, including last year’s champions league triumfor, «liverpool». That is «ethihad» they lost the only time in the submarine last season. So even before the match it was clear that the favorite – this is the team of guardiole. Especially since well savs tactically «atalants» nothing happens in this drawing champions league.

We advise you to read our preparation material «man city» to the care of guardioles from the post of coach.

But coach «bergamascov» jan piero gasperini did not hurry to capitulate. From the first minutes, the italians trid to overlap the possible ways of development of the anglican attacks, pressure high and on all sections of the field. But the difference in the class of players gave themselves to know. In the attack «citizens» troika sterling, foden and aguero, at the edges of protection – mendi and walker. Each of the players has excellent speed ​​and technique. Theraefore, the fact and the case of pressing turned out to be overcome using personal qualities.

But the first to scored, to the surprise of many, it is guests. On the 28th minute, fernandinho unsuccessfully played in the selection, and the judge appointed a penalty. A ukrainian ruslan malinovsky and coot ederson approached the point. For him, it became the first nude in the t-shirt of the italian club and for «man city» this ball has become the first skipped lch in the current draw.

Malinovsky goal. Ms-atalant 0: 1 pic.Twitter.Com / leitufuc25

— aleksey (@aleksjt_)
october 22, 2019

On the transition of ruslana in «atalanta» we wtrote in a separate article.

But did not pass five minutes as «heavenly blue» first equalized the bill, and another four minutes went ahead. In both cases, sergio aguero distinguished himself, first with the game, and then from the penalty.

Sterling pijon, but hat trick against «atalants» designed

Sterling Pijon, But Hat Trick Against'Atalanta' issued

Back in the first half, due to injury, the field left one of the best players «man city» on that moment – rodrii, and stones came out in his place. Gasperini decided to take advantage of this and strengthed the attacking line by making two replacements at once. But in the end, the englishman did not stripped in defense, and the italians got a hat-trick from sterling for 10 minutes. At the same time, the italians did not look like a declassed team, they trid to combine, had moments for taking a gate. But «man city» was too good, perfectly moving and constantly threetened.

Melhores momentos ????????????

Os 5 gols do city

(desculpem mais o gol do atalanta não coube no vídeo porque tem um certo tempo, perdão). Pic.Twitter.Com / 60gxm9qykv

— m.C.F.C. | notícias (@ mc_fc_1894)
october 22, 2019

As for rahima, he was in kurage and objectively could clog even more thane heads, but in places the frank guy did not allow it to do. As a result – «atalanta» takes the third defeat in the champions league and practically loses the chances of the yield at least in the europa league. The best player fc was recognized by malinovsky.


Earlier we wrote that the match «real» against «galatasaray» can become the last for zidan.

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