“Manchester United” (Apl) Facing At The End Of The Season: I Installed A Record For Defeasions And Is Going To Take Le

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June 3, 2022
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Match «manchester united» – «aston villa» he became a record of the english premier league: «red devils» mined the fourth consecutive defeat victory. We understand that it became a key to success in the last games of the sulcher wards, as well as tell about the plans of the club to the rest of the season.

Europa league and cup of england: «manchester united» spends an excellent ending season and is going to take trophies

«Manchester united» at the end of the 2019/2020 season, the premier league of england came to the first place in terms of performance. The team set the record of the national championship, defeating the crushing score four times in a row. «Red devils» won «aston villa», «sheffield united» and «brighton» with a score of 3: 0 as well «bournemouth» with a result of 5: 2.

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We offer to read our separate material in which we disassemble the championship «liverpool» in the current season appl.

One of the main stars of the last game was paul. For the period of his stay in the english club, the frenchman earned himself not the best reputation, given the constant insides about the wishes of the player to leave «manchester» and frank laziness with a huge talent. In the game against «aston villa» the bulk not only distinguished himself with his goal, but also became the best in terms of rehabilitation of possessions by the ball (8), creating an ass chance (3), longballs (11/11) and passambility of passes (79).

Paul Battle

In addition, paul 90 times touched the ball, made passes with an accuracy of 91% and won six duels. The french footballer got the highest assessment in the matche according to woscored – 8.Five. It was impossible to not pay attention to the ligament – fernandess in the match with «aston villa»: bruna also distinguished himself with his goal and gave an assist to the frenchman.

Bruna fernandesh came to the mj in february 2020, from the moment the player scored seven goals and made six assists (and this is only in the championship). In a recent game against «brighton» footballler made a double and against «bornmuta» – one goal and two programs.

In a special article we talked about the incident in the rpl, which is associated with the celebration «zenit» championship and complaint «spartak» in the rfs.

Now «red devils» go fifth in the submarine, lagging behind the fourth «leather» on 1 point. Ahead of the wards sulcher four games: against «southampton», «crystal palace», «west hama» and «leather» in accordance with the order.

According to the field of the waste in the remaining part of the 2019/2020 mj season plans to win the cup of england and europa league. As for the national cup, there «united» will have a meeting against london «chelsea» in 1/4. In le british from the quarterfinals separates one match against lask (in the first game i won 5: 0).

Earlier we wrote about the crushing victory «milan» in match against «juventus», in which ibrahimovich eclipsed ronaldo.

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