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January 11, 2022
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On sunday, in the framework of the 20th round of the british premier league will be held between «manchester united» and «bournemouth». In the last circle, the victory won «red devils» with a score of 1: 2.

Manchester United '-' Bournemouth '(December 30, 2018): forecast of bookmakers
Content: 1. Match «manchester united» – «bournemouth» will be held on december 30 «old trafford»2. Sulcher resurrects «manu united» according to the covenants of fergi3. Heavy cut «bornmuta»4. Forecast bookmakers on the match «manchester united» – «bournemouth»4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk “league rates”

Match «manchester united» – «bournemouth» will be held on december 30 «old trafford»

Duel between mj and «bournemouth» will be held on sunday, december 30, in manchester at the stadium «old trafford». In the last five matches four times the victory celebrated «red devils», another game ended in a draw. Last time «cherry» foke «mancunians» in 2015, then the team was still led by louis van gal.

See match «manchester united» – «bournemouth» can be on tv channels «match tv» and «match! Football 1». The start of the broadcast is scheduled at 19:25 moscow time.

Sulcher resurrects «manu united» on the covenants of fergie

Uhh gunnar sulcher came to the club and seama won two starting fights at the post of head coach mj, becoming only a fifth specialist in a long history of the team, which this result was submitted. It is important to note that he did it in a spectacular style: then his wards scored eight heads – this is one fourth from all goals that implemented «mancunians» under the leadership of mourinho.

It is still difficult to talk about the coaching contribution of sulcher as a tactic, too little time passed from his arrival. However, he already did: he gave the players freedom and told that they are all – upscale specialists in their business.

Uhh called to enjoy football, turned to the importance of the tradition of the club and promised that the mj would try to score as much as possible. Cauche also said that he would give everyone the players a chance to show themselves on the field. So, in the match with «hadersfield» from the first minutes they came out dalute and fred, who were not playing against «cardiff», and in the end of juan mata replaced the pupil of the academy – 18-year-old eingen gomez.

According to sulcher, in a duel with «bournemouth» it is worth expecting an exit on the field of sanchez, lukaki and marine. The first two recently in mourinho rarely got into the application, and anthony missed the last game due to a cold.

Heavy cut «bornmuta»

Heavy cut 'Bournemouth'

Source photo: football.Ua

The young specialist eddie hau was not in vain was named the best apl mentor in october. His «bournemouth», not possessing a strong composition, shows interesting football and delivers trouble even the favorites of the championship. For example, in the last meeting with «red devils» only the goal of roshford on the last minute allowed «mancunians» get victory.

However, the calendar in december does not spare «chercere». With the difference a week they had to resist «man city», «liverpool», «chelsea» and «tottenham». In all cases, eddie hau’s wards could not cope with the rival stronger in class. Now «bournemouth» occupies a comfortable 11 line in the championship and has 26 points in the asset.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «manchester united» – «bournemouth»

Bookmakers in the upcoming match «manchester united» – «bournemouth» predict the victory of the owners of the field. «Red devils» now on the emotional lift due to the arrival of the new coach, and «cherry» weakened by the latest meetings with the leaders of the apl, besides the mj plays in the native walls.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Manchester united» – 1.33;
  • «Bournemouth» – 9.25;
  • Draw – five.25.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Manchester united» – 1.35;
  • «Bournemouth» – 8.0;
  • Draw – five.25.


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