“Manchester United” Decided To “Clean” The Composition. Will It See New Results?

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February 10, 2022
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The end of 2018 was difficult for «manchester united». Fans even more irritated endless excuses of mourinho and criticism of their own players. He was changed sulcher. As they say, «new broom in a new way». Norwegian immediately took the management of the team to his hands and showed everyone that he is serious.

Content: 1. Prehistory: what has changed with the arrival of sulcher?2. What changes are waiting for the mj after the end of the season3. Lee errera will remain

Prehistory: what has changed with the arrival of sulcher?

The new coach turned out to be the exact opposite of mourinho. He tried to charge players with positive and positive attitude. It would seem, he believed in the team and it gave the football players to achieve new goals.

Sulcher’s strategy was based on several principles: accounting of rival errors, quick transition to someone else’s penalty and reliable defense. And, i must say, it brought positive results: mj managed brilliantly showed himself in several matches, but this trend lasted for a short time. Later something went wrong. Three of the last two meetings team lost. Its only achievement – victory over «watford», which was not easy.

Even at the beginning of the cause of lies in a weak composition. However, then no one perceed the words of the coach. Fans counted this next excuse. But the analysis showed the opposite. Players one after another demonstrated individual errors. The need for new transfers has become apparent.

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What changes are waiting for mj after the end of the season

Upon completion of the current season, the mj coach plans to change the command. Sky sports news news agency reported that six players may leave fc in summer. Among them – juan mata, defenders marcos rokho, antonio valencia, matteo darmian, injured midfielder alexis sanchez, as well as ander errera, who is currently interested in psg.

In the event that the club leave ander errera and juan mata, the new members of the club can be an attacking midfielder «borussia» jadeon sancho, as well as a defender «crystal palace» aaron uan-bissaka. Indition, sulcher plans to attract several players from the academy.

However, the main transfer goal of the club, as reported by the independent, is winger dortmund «borussia» and the england team jadeon sancho.

What Changes Are Waiting for MJ After The End of the Season

Source photo: sport-express.Ru

Lee errera will remain

The contract with errhea expires this summer. Mj leadership does not want to say goodbye to the player and is currently negotiating to continue his work in fc. But the sem to be in a dead end. The football player itself does not suit the conditions on which he is offered to remain. The decisive here is the financial aspect.

Errera’s weekly salary is currently 75 thouusand pounds per week. Club management offers him only a minor increase that does not suit the athlete. Nevertheless, negotiations are not yet compleed.

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