Manchester United Took The King Of The North Of John Snow (Photo)

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January 31, 2022
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British actor keith harington, the most famous for the role of john snow in the television series «game of thrones», visited «manchester united» and took a memorable gift.

Manchester United Took The King Of The North Of John Snow (Photo)

Istchonik photo: tolek.Ru

Practice of the arrival of famous persons, athletes, actors, singers and t. D. The club’s training base is quite common. Often it happens within the framework of an advertising campaign, often celabritis turn out to be long-standing fans, and even the fans of a team of one or another.

Soason, the famous actor and winner of the comrade games «oscar» gary oldman. This time a visit to «manchester united» keith harington arrived, the most famous as the artist of the role of king of the north john snow in the tv channel hbo «game of thrones». It is known that whale – old fan «red devils», so he gladly photographed with a coach «mancunians» and the legend of the club uhh gunnar sulcher.

The recently known irish fighter mma conor mcgregor also admitted that he was long-standing fan «manchester united» and expresed admiration for the coach «devils». Read more here.

On the official networks, a photo of china with a pace and signature appeared: «from one king in the north to another. We are glad to welcome star “the game of thrones” and the fan of mufc china charnington on “old trafford” on sunday».

The actor left with a commemorative t-shirt, on which number 1 is printed, and at the scene – «king of north».

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From one king in the north to another. ???? Great to welcome #gameofthrones star and #mufc fan kit harington to old trafford on sunday. ????

Publication from manchester united (@manchesternited) 25 feb 2019 at 4:59 pst

However, just like an actor – fan «mancunians», so and football players actor fans. Joint of john snow on its pages on social networks published midfielder paul, defender chris smalling.

The frenchman accompanied a joint photo quote from the series: «you don’t know anything john snow, pleased to meet the legend».

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You don’t know nothing john snow .. Great to meet the legend @kitharingtonig #pogba #johnsnow @manchesternited #gameofthrones

Publication from paul labile pogba (@paulpogba 25 feb 2019 at 4:54 pst

Chris, in turn, noted that, of course, the king in the north – red (implied club colors «manchester united» – approximate. Author). He also said that he was looking forward to the release of the new season and is generally very happy to meet.

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Of course the king in the north is a red ???? ????????‍♂ great to meet you kit, can’t wait for the new season to start!

Publication from chris smalling (@smalling) 25 feb 2019 at 1:43 pst

The last match of mj spent with the leader of the apl «liverpool». Despite the forecasts of experts, the fight ended with zero draw and remembered primarily the fact that in the first half the coaches of both teams had to use four replacements. Now «mancunians» occupy the fifth place and lag behind the lch zone in just one point.

Before that «manchester united» knocked out of the cup of england london «chelsea». An overview of the meeting and goals can be found in our separate material.

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